Don't Let Hernia Surgery Leave You Limp

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A man suffering from impotence as a result of complications arising from hernia surgery learns how to help his body heal properly and get back in action.

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Ever since I had surgery for a hernia, I have been having trouble with impotence. My doctor told me to be careful, but a few weeks after my surgery, I had the desire to be with a girl. We were in bed together, and she was trying to get me excited, but it wasn't working. I had never experienced this before and it didn't happen again until a few years later.

Afterward, my struggle with impotence became constant to the point where I couldn't experience an erection. My first thought was that it had something to do with my medication usage. However, I am not so sure. Any input would be appreciated.


While I'd love to tell you that your problem is being caused by a drug, I can’t say for certain. However, I have heard of stories where individuals do lose their erectile strength because of medications. Your impotence is most likely caused by damage sustained during your hernia operation. It doesn't always happen, but sometimes this surgery can cause problems in the area of sexual health. Sadly, your hunch was most likely correct in this instance.
Why Can't I Get it Up?
Without knowing where your hernia was and what the operation was like, it's hard to say for certain how or why you are suffering from impotence. That being said, most cases are somewhere in the abdomen areas where nerves to a man's sexual organs can unfortunately become damaged. This isn't necessarily the fault of the doctor, as it can sometimes be very difficult to perform a surgery in this area without doing unintended harm.

However, it is important to note that nerve damage is most likely the cause of your impotence. You may also be experiencing a lack of blood flow to your penis and testicles caused by the scar tissue blocking blood from entering the area. Your description of a shocking pain falls in line with the kind of chronic pain experienced by men who have had similar operations in the area. Needless to say, all evidence points to your hernia surgery being the culprit of your problems. 
Scar Tissue That I Wish You Saw
When doctors perform an operation for a hernia, it can sometimes require cutting areas that are sensitive to the nervous system. If they accidentally cut some of the nerves that connect to the penis and testicles, those nerve endings will have trouble communicating. Like a vast communication system, your body requires all the right connections in order to transmit signals from one end of the body to the next.

Although your brain may be sending the signal that you are ready for sexual activity, the message never really gets through because the connection has been cut off. The problem becomes complicated when scar tissue begins to surround the nerve endings after surgery and blocks off communication. While this no doubt sounds very frightening, you shouldn't necessarily be too concerned.

Yes, you may be suffering from damaged nerves that are causing your impotence, but not all damage is irreversible. In this case, there may be a way to solve your issues with the right amount of time and effort.
Reconnecting With Your Sex Life
I'm not going to lie: overcoming impotence and regaining your sex life is not going to be easy. You're going to have to allow your body to heal, which is going to take some time. That being said, there are certain herbal remedies, which can help you on your journey to recovery. While you've most likely healed from the surgery, the manner in which your nerves healed may have aided in causing your impotence.

To fix this problem, the scar tissue will need to dissolve so that the natural nerve connections can heal themselves. The herbs in this remedy are known to help with the repair of soft tissues and nerve growth, as well as the replenishment of neurotransmitters.

With the right combination of natural solutions (see Penile Pain & Nerve Rejuvenation Treatment) and giving your body the time it needs to heal, you may be able to finally get back into action and express sexual feelings with those that you care about. We wish you the best of luck on this journey and we hope that our advice helps.

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