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She has been experiencing foul smell and discharge for the past nine months. She is not on medication, nor does she have any disease, to her knowledge. She usually douches, and this removes the discharge and odor, but it quickly returns. What could be the cause, and solution, of this embarrassing problem?

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I have been having a problem for the last 9 months. I have never been on any medication or anything; I don't have any disease currently, and have never had one. My vagina has this really foul smell to it. I normally douche and the smelly discharge and odor will disappear for a day or two. What can be the cause of this?


Because you have discharge and odor, I am inclined to think that you’re suffering from a bacterial infection. Many things can bring this on: hormonal changes, improper hygiene, diet, tight fitting clothing, you name it! However, douching causes more problems than it cures, and I have some recommendations that will keep you discharge and odor free in the future!
The Good and the Bad
Your vagina naturally contains a number of bacteria. There are good bacteria, and bacteria that don’t belong. The good bacteria live in your vagina without causing irritation, but the unwelcome bacteria cause irritation, discharge, and funky smells.
The bacteria you want in your vagina are known as lactobacillus, and these guys produce an acid by-product that keeps the vagina in a slightly acidic state all the time. This acidic pH is necessary for a healthy vagina for two reasons. The first is that this environment prevents the colonization of different types of bacteria—the kinds you don’t want. The second is that this acid nature prevents the vagina from becoming neutral, or alkaline, when exposed to the presence of semen.
Breaking Down Barriers
As I mentioned above, many things can cause a vaginal infection. However, for this to occur in the first place, your vaginal immunity must be compromised in some way. This usually means that the normally acidic nature of your vagina is altered to become more neutral, thus no longer preventing the growth of outside bacteria. A diet high in sugar can cause your vaginal secretions to become less acidic, as can diabetes, and any kind of scented tampon, pad, or douche.
Don’t Douche!
Yes, even douching can negatively alter your vaginal environment. The presence of whatever you’re douching with—unless it’s vinegar water—will either flush out the positive bacteria or provide more fuel for the foreign bacteria to eat. That’s why you develop foul smell and discharge so quickly after douching—the bacteria that you don’t want are given free rein to grow and cultivate.
Another Reason to Eat Yogurt
A better way to check the smell and odor, when you notice it, is to eat more yogurt. Yogurt contains the same positive bacteria as those inside your vagina, and a diet that contains high amounts of yogurt with “active cultures” will keep your vagina happy and acidic. Such a process will take a few days, however, and you can garner quicker results. This is through the insertion of plain yogurt into the vagina, via an unscented tampon. It is a messy method, but rapidly counters the growth of any noxious and unwanted bacteria. However, rather than continually fighting the infection when it occurs, it’s better to avoid the infection altogether.
The best way to control your vaginal health is through well-functioning detoxification organs. The kidneys, liver, and circulatory system should be working at top ability to prevent unpleasant bacteria from entering the vagina. I’m recommending that you begin an herbal formula designed to detoxify your body, calm inflammation, and control discharge. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Vaginal Odor Relief) You will soon see an end to your irritating symptoms, and your vagina will be a happier, healthier place.

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