Do You Think My Habitual Pot Smoking And Unhealthy Lifestyle Are The Cause For My Bony Penis?

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Penis Enlargement Causes: marijuana Age: 18 - 35

Here we find a gentleman that has been having a little too much self-sexy time with Mr. Happy and this has resulted in a shrinking member. In addition to this he indulges in “pot smoking” which is also a no-no. How can he turn things around?

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I have a 6.25 inch bony penis with not enough girth. I would like to know what you think is the best, safest, and most natural way it increase the size of my penis to 7.5 with a good size girth or better. I masturbate 2x a day, light drinker and a once a weeker with pot smoking. I noticed that my penis shrunk a bit throughout the years. I feared that it might be due to my bad hibits. What do you suggest would be my best choices without any major side effects or surgeries and with results that will last? Thanks.


People like to masturbate for any number of reasons; as a way to relax, relieve stress, get a good night’s sleep, or fantasize about someone we want to become involved with or have been with in the past. Masturbation can be a wonderful thing, and it even helps to keep your pipes down there healthy and reduces the chance of developing yeast infections. But indulged in too often, things can go wrong and can even lead to unhealthy shape penis and shrinkage too.

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Summary: Smoking marijuana ruined his penis size making his penis skinnier and smaller
 Q I read on your guys site that masdturbation causes shrinagek. How true is this? (answer)
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Plague of Penile Plaque
Penis shrinkage can occur naturally from such factors as aging, too much weight gain, and even stress and anxiety, but it can also happen when you play with your member excessively. Masturbating 3 or 4 times per week is standard, however twice a day is definitely crossing the line over into self-abuse.
Imagine your penis as a bike tire, and this tire was attached to a bike that traversed the Mojave Desert in a race. The intense heat of the desert eventually caused the tire’s inner tubing to become rigid and not as flexible as the outer area and as a result the tire wore down and shrank. Well that’s essentially what is happening when you over chronically masturbate without giving your body time to repair itself; scar tissue builds up in the normally flexible fibrous sheath within your penis, not allowing the tiny interconnected penile chambers to fully engorge with blood during arousal. Plaque can also develop around the openings of these chambers, clogging them up and preventing proper blood flow. So how do we get you and your penis back into the race?
Switching Gears
Since you are in a highly addictive stage of excessive masturbation, gradually reducing the frequency of playtime might be wise. You can engage in it 7 times per week for the first week, then 6 times per day for the second week, and so on until you are down to 3 to 4 times per week. Finding another hobby besides pot smoking could help as well, since marijuana raises the amount of inflammatory prostaglandin E-2 in your body which constricts your blood vessels, therefore not allowing your penis to engorge with as much blood as normal. It also has been proven to lower your sperm count.
Special rejuvenating and nourishing botanical remedies and specialized penis massaging techniques can really get you back on the path to having a larger penis. (SEE: X-Spotify Your Penis for Growth) This combination of inner and outer stimulation can activate natural growth factors as well as reduce your raging prostaglandin E-2 levels. Not only that, but you could also see penile growth occur as these methods promote androgen hormone and neurotransmitter production and dissolve the plague and scar tissue that has formed. So take a natural, harmless path back into the race!

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    Sherman Fowler posted on Mon, 09/08/2014 - 11:26
    I also think pot smoking has affected the thickness of my penis. I’ve been a regular pot smoker since 15, when I was accustomed to having a nice, normal penis. I was about 7 inches long and 2 inches thick at that time, definitely good enough for me. Now, at 23, my penis seems both shorter and thinner, but more noticeably thinner than anything else. I’d say My penis is about 1.5 inches thick now—that’s a lot to lose! It sounds like I might have ruined the capacity of my penis through my continual smoking, and I have cut down on how much I do it, but I can’t see myself stopping altogether. I don’t want my penis to keep shrinking, and I’d like to regain the lost girth. I’m a healthy guy, I’m vegetarian, I run, I drink a lot of water and not too much beer! I have a steady girlfriend and don’t masturbate much at all. Can the penile girth exercise possibly restore my size, or should I try a detoxification formula? Both at the same time?
    Mariano Crutcher's picture
    Mariano Crutcher posted on Thu, 09/04/2014 - 12:04
    I was never blessed with a very thick penis, it always seemed like my penis had reached it’s length early, but never filled out—like a scrawny teenager. Throughout my dating career I’ve been ashamed of my “pencil dick”, which is no doubt why I more often chose to masturbate, rather than to find a real partner; something I’m sure is the same reason for this man here. It’s already stressful to meet women and attempt to woo them, once things progress to the bedroom, it’s just the final nail in the coffin to nervously expose your lacking member.

    I have recently started the exercise to increase penile girth, and it does seem to be doing rather something for me. I’ve gone from a measly 1.5 inch penis to a slightly full 1.65. Sure, it’s no “beer can”, but it shows that I can do something about my problem! For all you guys like us, don’t just sit around worrying about your disappointing piece—start doing something about it! There are tons of supplements on this site that claim to improve girth, and the exercises are already working for me. If I had started earlier—I’m 32 now—I could have saved myself so many bad experiences!
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    nora nora posted on Wed, 09/03/2014 - 11:33
    what the hell is a bony penis? i’ve seen some messed up dicks in my day, but never one with a pretense toward boniness. if you mean it’s thin, then i follow you. but bony? does it look broken? what did you do to it? it’s definitely not good to be jacking it as much as you are, i know that much. and weed does seem to do something to a guy’s girth—all the smokers i’ve been with are always thinner than normal.

    it seems like you’re living a generally unhealthy life. why are you jacking off so much, anyways? where’s the girl or boyfriend for you? man isn’t meant to exist on hand jobs alone, you train your body to come only when you yourself are doing the stimulation, or you create a situation where, when you are with a woman, you blow your load in about two seconds because it feels so much better than what you’ve been used to! definitely take a step back in your masturbatory frequency and see what that does for you. why not try going out and meeting some people, rather than drinking or smoking at home?
    Azzi Somazzi's picture
    Azzi Somazzi posted on Fri, 07/11/2014 - 12:24
    Is getting such a high feeling a good thing? Is it worth your having your penis shrink in size all around? I wouldn't give up my penis size just to get a feeling that just calms you. I would look for an alternate high that won't have such a high cost.
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