Do You Get Soft Before Orgasm? If So, Here Is Info That Can Help

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Sometimes when having intercourse just as I begin to have an orgasm, I fail. I go soft and have no sensation at all.

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Sometimes when I’m having intercourse, just as I begin to have an orgasm, I fail. I go soft and have no sensation at all. I do ejaculate but there is no feeling whatsoever. But if my wife stimulates me orally, there is no problem. What is wrong with me?


More than likely, this is because your testicles are also stimulated when she performs oral sex. This testicular stimulation causes a consistent testosterone burning. The fact that you only experience this with oral sex indicates that your brain-adrenal-testicular function is weak.
There are three ways to improve your orgasmic response:
1. Use visual stimulation by playing an adult movie while you are making love.
2. Take herbs from the Botanical Remedies For Weak Erection Restoration to power your brain-adrenal-testicular function.
3. Reduce your ejaculation frequency.
If your endocrine function is too weak to pump out testosterone during a sexual encounter, visual stimulation will be ineffective if your parasympathetic function is too weak. You will start to experience sexual exhaustion, which commonly results in low-back pain and other sexual exhaustion symptoms.

What to do

Botanical Remedy For Weak Erection Restoration

Increase blood flow to the penis to support erections that are both weak and soft. If you suffer from venous leaks, thin arteries or vessels that constrict blood flow to the penis tissues. Read more
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