Do I Discharge Too Much?

Learn how a woman fears her discharge may be heavily linked to her bladder pains.

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I tend to experience high levels of vaginal discharge. I notice that the discharge accompanies a sharp bladder pain. I cannot concentrate at work, nor can I exercise because I fear the smell will kill someone. Okay, maybe the smell is not that bad, but the combination of bladder pain and discharge makes me feel very awkward around people. What’s wrong?


Vaginal discharge can sure be a pain some times, especially when it becomes linked to other annoyances going on in the body. I personally, experienced something similar to this particular case about four months ago. Using the restroom became a very cringe worthy process that we won't get into right now. However, during that time I did notice some pretty heavy discharge. This sparked my curiosity, so I began to research the symptoms to see if there was a common thread between the two.
Very Aware Of Down There
I learned that producing an abundant amount of vaginal discharge, or female ejaculate, is usually due to a previous intense orgasm. With enough force powered by an orgasm, the fluid that is stored in the porosities of the vaginal lining as well as the uterine wall will be squeezed out.
Too Much Of The 'O'
I'm the last person on planet Earth who would pass up a great orgasm, but if I had known of the ramifications it would have down the road . . . Well, I still would have done it. Luckily, I also learned how to fix my situation without succumbing to chemical solutions. 
The first thing I did was learn how to kegel like a champ. A good old, daily kegel exercise will whip those PC muscles, which have gone through a bit slack, right back into shape. If you are unsure of how to tighten your pelvic floor, or you've never heard of such an exercise before, they're actually quite easy. The next time you take a potty break, try controlling the flow of your urine by bearing down on those PC muscles. If you can start and stop the flow, you can kegel with the best of them!
Herbal Intervention
The next thing to do would be to find a natural remedy to fix that pesky urinary incontinence. (TRY: Herbal Remedy for Bladder Pain) Herbs such as Plantago Seed, Cornus, and Deer Antler are just some of the great natural resources you'll find, that will help take away any premature urges you may have to urinate. 
If your bladder pain persists after utilizing the herbal remedy and daily kegel exercises, I would highly recommend talking with your doctor about the discomfort. I would also urge you to set up an appointment with your OBGYN if you notice a difference of color or smell in your discharge. A noticeable odor or discoloring of female ejaculate usually sends up a blazing red flag of vaginal infection, and should be treated immediately.

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