Discover How Too Much Sex and Exercise Can Ruin a Man’s Erectile Strength and Tissue

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Exercise can leave you with sore muscles and with the satisfaction of a good workout, but one man feels significant pain in penis post workout and sex. What's going on? Is he getting sick, or is he doing something wrong? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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Why am I experiencing kidney pain, penis pain and cloudy urine after my exercise [regimen]?


People can over exercise for the same reason they have too much sex: both sex and working out feel really, really good. Your system remains awash with all kinds of “pleasure” chemicals like dopamine, adrenalin and cortisol, not to mention the pride of accomplishment when you win praise from your partner after great sex. Exercise is healthy and it improves your general fitness level and self-image. But too much can cause problems, just like too much sex can. Working out too hard and too often, or frequently ejaculating (alone or with a partner) can cause damage that detracts from the benefits each activity generates.

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Health Regulation
Your body changes its chemical production base on its current circumstances. Both exercise and sex create stress inside the body, stress that causes the production of adrenalin and cortisol to elevate energy levels until stress sees a reduction; meanwhile, the body produces prostaglandin E2 to dilate blood vessels for muscle usage and for erectile strength.
However, your body cannot produce these chemicals for long. Supplies to manufacture these chemicals get quickly exhausted, and too much production of certain chemicals can damage your body. Cortisol, for example, suppresses your immune system, while excess prostaglandin E2 swells blood vessels, blurs vision and ruins erectile tissue.
The production of testosterone too decreases because of sex and exercise. Since the hormone fuels your erections as well as regulates tissue growth and repair, a significant depletion proves detrimental to your bodily functions. Look at professional bodybuilders who use testosterone to increase muscle mass. The testosterone injections may increase muscle mass—temporarily—but the body experiences a major hormone depletion that damages sex drive, mood and traditional bodily functions. If you have too much sex, you too will experience a depletion to both testosterone and muscle mass that could damage penile tissue and lead to your current set of problems.
Cleaning The Muck
You need to pay closer attention to your post-sex and post-workout diet, especially your electrolyte intake. You need to eat more carbohydrates, sodium and potassium before, during and after any workouts lasting longer than 30 minutes; shorter workouts only require water. You should also consider consuming more zinc and B-vitamins that repair tissue, including genital and muscle tissue.
If you find that your erections are suffering, speak to a healthcare provider or a personal trainer who will determine what too much exercise is for you. If you feel you’ve damaged your genital tissue, try Herbal Remedy for Penile Fibrotic Tissue Damage And Curvature that dissolves scar-tissue buildup, and repairs damaged nerve endings for healthier erections.

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