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Learn how a woman of twenty-six believes there is something very wrong with her discharge.

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I am twenty-six years old and I've had a thick creamy white discharge this last year. I have been tested for everything under the sun and keep getting the response that it is just normal. I have been on birth control and I feel that I do not produce enough wetness during intercourse anymore and the discharge I have flakes all over and causes a mess leaving a film on the sheets as well. During sex this is all I can think about! I have had only one sex partner in the last 2 years since this started.


One of the easiest ways to figure out what your body is going through internally is to look to your discharge. A different color or smell indicates infection, and a thicker consistency can alert you to a hormonal imbalance.
With Regular Use
Your doctor was correct in telling you that the thick creamy discharge you're currently experiencing is normal. The truth is, long term use of birth control can have some rather peculiar ramifications. Any hormone-based contraceptive pill works by over loading the female form with high levels of  progesterone and estrogen. It does this in order to trick our brains into believing that we are actually pregnant, subsequently shutting down the ovarian function.
Hormone Overload
After a prolonged intake of these high amounts of synthetic hormones, the liver may slightly lose its ability to continuously filter them out. This leaves the synthesis of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin unsupported. If the neurotransmitters are left unsupported for a long period of time, you could suffer from heavy vaginal discharge, mood swings, and other various sexual dysfunctions including intercourse pain and orgasm difficulty.
I myself have actually experienced the same flaky discharge after about a year and a half of birth control use. I remember how frustrating it was to know that something was obviously wrong and no doctor could pin point exactly what that was. For months I thought that I must have caught some kind of unsightly infection, but I hadn't been sexually active in over a year! Above all, I know how uncomfortable it can be, but luckily I found some natural remedies that quelled the flakes and got rid of the thickness.
Herbs To The Rescue 
Firstly, I would highly recommend drinking, at the very least, six glasses of water a day. This will not only keep your hydration levels where they need to be, it will also help your liver to function properly. If at all possible I would also suggest taking a few months off of your birth control so that your liver actually has a chance to flush out all the extra progesterone and estrogen.
During this time you might consider utilizing some natural herbs to help speed up the process of detoxification. Herbs such as Dong Quia, Phellodendron Amurense, and Alpiniae Officinarum   are great helps to the liver in breaking down any built up residue left behind from synthetic hormones. (SEE: Abnormal Discharge Herbal Tincture) They will also promote better circulation within the body and regulate menstruation cycles.

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