Did I Break My Clitoris

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By Sasha Johnson Conditions: Women's Vaginal Insensitivity Causes: vibrator damage Symptoms: clitoral insensitivity Age: 18 - 35

Learn about a woman whose one time use of a vibrator set her up for a world of pain.

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I used a vibrator on my clitoris not too long ago and then I felt a burning sensation, and it had numbness to it. The burning stopped after a few days but now I am not able to feel anything in my clitoris. What would you suggest to get the sensitivity in my clitoris back? I have now thrown my vibrator away because I don't want any more damage.


I remember it just like it was yesterday. I stood there late at night with my best friend by my side, nervously waiting in line at the adult toy store in town, clutching my very first vibrator. Everything after that seems to be a blur. Vibrators are great...Sometimes, and only some times.
Unfortunately, many women are not aware that chronic use of their toys and vibrators can actually damage the clitoral nerve endings and tissues. This type of damage may lead to scarring or swelling to the vaginal, cervical, and clitoral linings. The scarring is what causes the desensitization sensation you've been experiencing.
When a woman over uses her vibrator, the neuro-endocrine systems will become overly stimulated. This will trigger a higher level of stress hormones such as dopamine and epinephrine to be released throughout the body. These unwanted hormones will cause adverse affects to a woman's reproductive organs, and will eventually lead to pituitary-ovarian functional disorders as well as sexual exhaustion symptoms.
The Pituitary Function
If the pituitary and ovarian functions are disrupted in any way, your body will react as if there is a toxic organ within negatively influencing it. When this type of situation occurs, your arteries will become inflamed, subsequently constricting the flow of blood to the brain. The now narrowed arteries will require a higher level of blood pressure in order to pump a sufficient amount of oxygen to the brain. This condition may lead to headaches and migraines, blurred version, sleeping disorders, body and joint pain inflammation, and disorders that directly affect the uterus, cervix, bladder and urethra.
How To Fix It
In cases like these, I usually recommend staying away from the vibrator for the time being. But since you've already taken the first step towards recovery by getting rid of the device, I'll skip ahead. I would definitely suggest utilizing a natural remedy that includes ingredients such as Dong Quia, Mexican Wild Yam, Mucuna Pruriens, Maca, and Pyrola. These herbs will help to revitalize and rejuvenate your clitoris by increasing blood circulation. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Sensitivity Enhancement & Clitoral Restoration) They will also bring down any inflammation that has formed around the clitoris, repair your damaged nerve endings, and oversee the proper production of DHEA and HGH.
If you do not notice an improvement over the next few months, I would recommend seeing your OBGYN about your current condition, so that they may explore other, more intricate possibilities.

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