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The Devil’s Playground: A Wandering Mind Can Lead to Prostate Problems

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Over Masturbation Prostate Enlargement Symptoms: painful urination Age: 18 - 35

Too much sexual activity has this man concerned about his painful prostate prospects. Now he’s wondering just what is going on with his body and we’re here to help him.

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I’ve been jacking off a lot lately, and now I’m experiencing pains in my prostate, urethra, and pelvis.
Does masturbating aggravate the prostate or does an ejaculation raise the PSA and aggravate the organ? Does ejaculation raise the PSA temporarily or permanently? Help me out here – thanks!


Josh had a 9 to 5 job that wasn’t bad…his boss rarely bothered him since he performed his duties efficiently and professionally, and he got along with most of his co-workers. Then the management announced that they were undergoing a “downsizing period” to make the company more efficient, which everyone knew really meant “mass-firing.”
People gritted their teeth as the pink slips started getting passed out, relieving people from their desk jobs without any separation compensation whatsoever. Josh’s buddy, Fred, had a cubicle right across from him, and they’d frequently joke around with each other as well as go to lunch together.

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Dirty Mind
One day, Fred was summoned to Human Resources and they collectively held their breath for the inevitable news…he was canned! Just a day after Fred cleared out his desk and left the building, a pretty young temp worker replaced him. She frequently wore slutty little outfits, obviously trying to attract male attention.
Josh had to deal with a pair of barely covered boobs and a half-covered rump constantly being shoved in his face as the temp wore low-cut shirts and mini-skirts the majority of the time. He found his mind wandering all the time; one sexual fantasy after the next, and his work began to suffer from the daily onslaught upon his senses. If that wasn’t enough, she’d make eyes and flirt with him, but he knew better…two other men had already been fired because they complimented similarly dressed attention whores in the workplace which was oddly considered “sexual harassment.”
Soon, Josh began to feel prostate pain and sitting on his butt all day certainly didn’t help!
Oh So Tempting...
Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common in the real world. Not only can over masturbation lead to prostate and pelvic inflammation, but any sexual activity at all can as well. This can merely be frequent or prolonged sexual fantasizing/day dreaming where the brain fires off neurotransmitters and the body releases a flood of androgen hormones.
This in turn can cause a spike in your PSA and prostaglandin E-2 levels, leading to sexual exhaustion, and inflammation of the prostate, pelvic cavity, and urethra. Eventually, this may cause you to feel like Greek fire is spraying forth from your penis every time you take a pee – ouch! So how can you reverse these symptoms?
Pain in the Membrane – Down Below
Botanical supplements can greatly enhance your body’s ability to heal itself from within. (SEE: Prostate Control & Urinary Relief Formula) Herbs such as Juncus, Dianthus, and Quercetin, can sooth your body and greatly reduce the amount of prostaglandin E-2 and PSA flowing throughout your body.
This in turn can bolster your body’s natural healing processes and turbo-boost it, while replenishing your supply of neurotransmitters and those all-important androgen hormones. Eventually, those pains will dissipate and you can go back to having a normal sex life; fantasizing about whomever you want for as long as you’d like without consequences. Take action now!

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