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His efforts at enhancing his erections have met with great success. He's harder, stronger and bigger... but there's a new twist: his penis has a distinct curve to it. What happened? And more importantly, how can he fix it? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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It has been 2 months and I have seen a great improvement of my erections using some of the solutions. My erections are definitely a lot harder. Both my wife and I have felt and seen it. My wife feels the strength and increase in length. Before when we would perform oral she would not have a problem, now she can't take it all because it is so big.
The only area that I am having any difficulties in is the angle of my erection. I still experience my erection curving to the left instead of a normal erection. Is there anything that can now help me with the curvature of my erection?


For the most part, humans are bilaterally symmetrical. That's a fancy way of saying that they have a distinct left and right side, but both of them are mirror-images of one another (ignoring the internal non-symmetrical points like having only one heart or stomach, and they're not positioned on the median line).
Straight To The Point
This symmetry means that it's very reasonable for a guy to expect his erection to point straight out; sometimes angling upward and away from his feet, sometimes downward, but usually not favoring one side or the other. Notable curvature at birth is rare and usually congenital but frequently corrects itself within a month or so.
The massive realignment and growth experienced during puberty may also cause curvature under certain circumstances, but generally a curvature of less than 15 degrees is not considered unhealthy, especially if you can still engage in sexual intercourse.
If your curvature had resulted in significant discomfort during erections, along with erectile dysfunction of one sort or another, the condition would be known as “Peyronie's Disease” and it can lead to more serious complications. I recommend asking your health-care provider for advice; Peyronie's Disease usually results from inflexible tissues developing under the skin of your penis, usually from excessive masturbation, and it is often accompanied by more obvious physical signs. But for now it seems like your curvature comes from a much less dire source.
Getting A Curve
The thing to remember about erections is that they are formed by not one, but three distinct internal structures, each composed of extremely porous tissue that temporarily contains blood under high pressure to stay rigid during sexual arousal. The paired corpus cavernosa make up the bulk of the erection's structure, while the corpus spongiosum forms around the urethra to keep it from collapsing under when the cavernosa are inflated.
Like the rest of your body, all of these tissues start out very small at birth, and then gradually increase in size during physical development. It's possible that the curvature you are now experiencing is the result of previously-underdeveloped tissue in your left corpus cavernosum, which was only revealed when your penis-expanding regimen pushed significantly more blood into it for perhaps the first time in your life.
Turning The Hook Into A Rod
Fortunately, the spongy tissues are quite robust, and you have several easy options to help reduce your curvature. You may have heard of “Jelqing”, which is a particular method of penis enlargement. It involves sexual stimulation without ejaculation, as well as careful manipulation of the tissues and blood supply of your erections. Be advised that it is very similar to masturbation, and using it too often or too hard can result in damage to your erections. This article contains Herballove's recommendations on how to perform the exercise safely, to achieve maximum benefit at minimal risk of damage.
You may also wish to take an all-natural herbal supplement designed to address the damage to the tissues producing the curvature. (TRY: Natural Formula for Penile Curvature & Tissue Damage Restoration) Increasing the blood-flow to these tissues will allow them to finish the development that may have been interrupted during your adolescence, which will eventually result in evening out your erections.
I encourage you to keep your health-care provider informed about the state of your erections, as well as the supplements and techniques you may be using, so that you may have an expert's opinion on how they all work together. Your health-care provider will also have a much better idea of how to make any necessary adjustments to maintain what you have gained without causing any damage elsewhere. Congratulations on your progress so far, and best of luck on your future endeavors!

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