Dear Santa, For Christmas I'd Like a Bigger Penis

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Like many guys, he was looking for a way to increase his penis size, easily, safely and naturally. Can such a miracle be achieved? Find out.

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I tried several products on Herballove before. I found a few helpful; others, not so much. Still, I believe in the power of all-natural products. And as of late, I have found myself wishing—hell, dreaming—of a larger, fuller penis. I found the techniques on enlargement a bit vague, but saw some interesting topics on the actual solution pages. Can someone recommend me the best method for enlarging my penis with all-natural supplements. If possible, please provide me with a detailed explanation for how these products work too.


When it comes to penis enlargement, all-natural is definitely the way to go. Your penis has been your closest and most dependable friend for a very long time, and you would never mistreat it with dangerous pharmaceuticals or torturous foreign objects (pumps are for bicycles, not genitals). So your head is definitely in the right place. We just need to find the best solution to give you the results you're looking for, quickly and effectively. 
Penis Enlargement – The Holy Grail of Manhood 
Almost every guy wants a bigger penis. The guy with 5 inches is jealous of the guy with 7 inches; the guy with 7 inches is jealous of the guy with 9 inches; the guy with 9 inches is jealous of the horse at the race track. Then again, the guy with 3 inches is jealous of everyone. The penis is synonymous with masculinity, virility and power, and it's in our nature to want more. Fortunately, there are some excellent herbs out there, which can help you no matter what your current size. 
Specifically, I'm going to recommend a botanical remedy that contains Cistanche, Cuscuta, Deer Antler, Fo Ti and Ginseng. (SEE: Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth) Why are these ingredients important? Let's look at them one by one. 
The Herbs of Manhood
Cistanche contains alkaloids and antioxidants which improve penile blood circulation. As a result, more blood fills the chambers along your shaft, stretching it like a balloon to its maximum capacity. This results in greater length and girth. Ginseng and Cuscuta both increase your natural production of nitric oxide, which allows you to achieve harder, firmer erections. Deer antler and Fo Ti both aid in improved liver function. 
Why is this important? Because your liver produces HGH (human growth hormone), which promotes the development of new penile tissue. If you want to see real growth, your liver is an invaluable tool. 
With this type of herbal remedy, you will achieve real growth, and you'll achieve it in a safe and natural way. But if you want to get the maximum results, you'll need to be kind to your penis (who knew it was so needy?). If you engage in compulsive masturbation, you'll be depleting the very hormones that the herbs are trying to replenish, while you also put tremendous strain on your prostate. It's like exercising 5 days a week while living on McDonald's hamburgers. Don't hinder your own progress. Let the tree grow naturally, and you won't be disappointed.

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Botanical Concoction for Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth

There are many ways to enhance and enlarge the size of the penis. Methods with relatively faster results also carry higher risks. With this formula, you can safely grow your penis without the added risks. Read more
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