In the Dark: He and His Wife Thought They Had Found Her G-Spot but Now Aren’t Sure

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Years ago, he and his wife believed they accidentally found her G-spot. But after doing some research, they’re convinced what they really found is her “epicenter.” She loves having this spot stimulated, although it doesn’t bring her to orgasm, and is now questioning the anatomy of her body.

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I came across your website this morning and was pleased and amazed to see all the information posted.
My wife and I accidentally found her “epicenter” a few years ago through deep penetration and thought it was her G-spot. Now, after reading up on it, I discovered it was not. It drives her absolutely crazy when I flick her epicenter with the head of my penis.


Every woman’s body is different. What feels good to one can elicit no sensation at all in another. This is an important lesson for men and women who expect one technique to produce the same feel-good response across the board. The truth is that a woman’s body must be slowly discovered before you can bring her pleasure, especially when it comes to the G-spot.
It’s important to know the G-spot is not the only area that can bring a woman to orgasm. The clitoris also can, and stimulation of both will make it that much easier for a woman to climax during sex. Taking the time to ensure her pleasure not only makes intercourse more enjoyable but also increases her desire because she knows what awaits her at the end of lovemaking.
Finding the G-Spot
It’s hard to believe one little component of the female anatomy could be the subject of decades-long discussion and debate. But the G-spot has been and continues to be, with most of the controversy surrounding whether or not this spot even exists. Rest assured that it does, you simply need the patience to find it. 
The easiest way to locate the G-spot is to insert a finger into your wife’s vagina. This will help you feel the difference in texture posed by your wife’s “love button.” It’s about the size of a dime and located between three and four inches inside the vagina. It’s on the wall that faces her stomach, not the anus, so you’ll most likely locate it by crooking your finger in a come hither fashion. 
It’s important to remember you can find this spot more easily when your wife is aroused. That’s when the G-spot grows in size to that of about a quarter. You’ll therefore want to take your time and touch her with gentle strokes rather than invasive pokes and prods. Also remember the G-spot varies in size and location between each female. That’s why this erotic area remains so elusive – no treasure map is available to help you find its precise location.
Of Interesting Note
Studies out of King’s College London suggest women who believe they have a G-spot are more likely to find it. Substantiated evidence of the G-spot exists in ultrasounds, and questionnaires show that many ladies feel pleasure when the front walls of their vaginas are stimulated. Some women even report ejaculating from G-spot stimulation. But to say this region exists is only half the battle. For your wife to find and derive pleasure from her G-spot, she must believe it exists and be willing to engage in some exploration. 
When She Can’t Cum
Even knowing exactly where the G-spot is, however, does not guarantee she will experience orgasm. Some women suffer from G-spot insensitivity as a result of birth control pills, hormonal imbalances or overstimulation. The latter can be especially true when a couple who doesn’t know where the G-spot is continues to search for it. Constant touching, some of which might be less than pleasurable, can temporarily numb nerves. Again, a woman also needs to be properly aroused to reach orgasm. This might mean kissing, stroking and other acts of foreplay that prepare her for intercourse.
Give Her Pleasure the Natural Way
One of the best ways to overcome orgasm difficulty is with an herbal remedy. (G-Spot Rejuvenation Herbal Formula) Herbs work with the body’s natural healing processes and restore sensitivity to the G-spot – and clitoris, if necessary. Ingredients like Catuaba and Muira Puama improve blood flow to the genitalia and increase sexual desire.

What to do

G-Spot Rejuvenation & Nerve Repair

Scar tissue, caused by vaginal tissue repair, affects the sensitivity of the G-spot, vagina, and clitoris. Vibrators, shower jets, or other sex toys can damage the vaginal tissue and nerve endings that are connected to the G-spot. G-Spot... Read more
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