Dammed if You Don’t – Regaining Control over Premature Misfires

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Leaky Penis Weak Erection Symptoms: seminal leakage Age: 18 - 35

A young man has fun with his girlfriend when she whacks his wiener occasionally. But now he’s noticed that his ejaculations are beginning to get a little out of control. How can he reclaim his ability to hold back his orgasms?

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I'm 19. When my girlfriend masturbates me, I can gain an erection for a while before it dies down. After a while of masturbation, I will start to ooze clear semen. She complains that it gets all over her hand. Could my masturbation habits be the cause for my inability to maintain an erection?


When I was younger I became fascinated by dams, marveling at the feats of engineering which men had figured out in order to hold back tons and tons of water. The water could then be used for controlled purposes such as irrigation for the surrounding towns, while also preventing potentially hazardous flooding from happening as it had before the dam had been erected.
Although dams are generally beneficial for the surrounding communities, there have been cases where a few have sprung leaks, or large portions of their walls have collapsed altogether. These calamitous events usually occurred because of unforeseen errors in their construction or machinery malfunctions within the dams themselves.

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Complex Machinery
Now imagine for a moment that just like a dam can fail and release tons of water, so can a man’s ability to contain his seminal fluids, resulting in what is known as premature ejaculation. You can see the dam as one big penis, which is also very complex in design. Testosterone can be seen as a giant power generator which supplies energy to the dam’s machinery, which includes a complex series of pullies and valves which represent a man’s pelvic muscles and parasympathetic nervous system.
Together, these hold back the water (semen); but if the generator isn’t regulated properly and starts to overheat, such as when a man’s reproductive system when overstimulated, it can malfunction and lead to equipment failures, resulting in unexpected leakage. So how can you hope to overcome these leakage problems?
All-Natural Power Regulation
There are certain botanical solutions that can help men overcome their leaky penis issues. (SEE: Calming Pills for Ejaculatory Control) These powerful herbal mixtures are specially formulated to curb the hypersensitivity that some men experience as a result of heightened arousal and lengthy foreplay.
Imagine these mixtures as highly trained repair crews which roll up their sleeves and goes to work, rejuvenating weakened ejaculation valves and strengthening compromised parasympathetic nerves. These teams also brought their specialized tools (herbal properties) which can re-regulate any out-of-whack nerves, and reduce heightened tension and anxiety levels. Soon, your generator can go from a creaking, smoking, leaky mess, to calmly humming and performing its duties efficiently.
The end result can be a general relaxation and soothing of a man’s muscles and overall release from heightened stress; inducing calm and tranquility. With this new sense of control and modulation, men can regain mastery over their parasympathetic nerves and muscles, resulting in a return to orgasming when they want to, instead of experiencing potentially embarrassing misfires. So what are you waiting for?

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