The Curve of Some People – Is My Penis Curvature Normal?

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His erect penis wasn't pointing upward in the traditional sense, and naturally, he was concerned. But what causes this type of curvature, and what can be done about it? Find out.

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I am curious to know about the average shape of a penis. I have noticed that the average shape of an erect penis curves upward. But what about other penis's that don't curve upward. Is there a problem that a doctor should be aware of?


Typically, an erect penis should always point toward the heavens, and if yours is veering off in another direction, you likely have a problem on your hands (yes, I literally meant “on your hands,” but more on that momentarily). If your penis isn't achieving the traditional rock hard shape, there may be a couple of different things going on.
First, you may not be achieving adequate blood flow to completely fill the chambers along your shaft. Failing that, you may have a condition known as Peyronie's Disease, which actually isn't as devastating as it sounds (but it still sucks quite a bit).
Do You Have Soft Erections? 
If your penis isn't achieving the optimal flow of blood, it's not going to be able to stretch and expand to its full throbbing glory. Are you erections feeling a bit soft? If so, you may find yourself with a slightly enlarged (but by no means impressive) penis that points straight forward or even downward.
For young guys, the most common cause of weak erection is over-masturbation. So if your pipes just don't seem to send enough water to the reservoir (if you catch my drift), try cutting back on the masturbation. I know, it's a nightmare for any guy, but in time, it should improve the quality of your erection and allow you to enjoy far less embarrassing sexual encounters.
Now, if your penis isn't specifically soft during erection, but is simply curving in another direction entirely (like, off to the side), then the problem is more likely Peyronie's Disease (there's that dreaded term again). Incidentally, this may also be the fault of over-masturbation, but it's not untreatable.
Is It Peyronie's Disease? 
Peyronie's Disease is a condition characterized by excess plaque (in the form of scar tissue) buildup  inside the penis. When tissue damage occurs, such as from excess masturbation, this kind of accumulation is common. As a result, there are obstructions to the blood flow during erection, and your penis begins to curve as a result. Think of it like a stream of water that's constantly forced to change course as it crashes against the rocks in its path.
Treating Peyronie's Disease
The good news is that Peyronie's Disease is completely treatable. You're going to need an herbal remedy containing ingredients such as Alisma Plantago, Ginkgo Biloba, Astragalus Membranaceus, and Dong Quai, which penetrate deep into the scar tissue, breaking up the plaque and improving blood flow to the penis while also improving hormone levels. (TRY: Herbal Remedy for Penile Tissue Damage & Curvature) Before too long, your penis you should start pointing to the North Star just like any good compass. Just try not to put an eye out with that thing.

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