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How big is big enough? A young woman wonders if an A-cup will satisfy a man, and what she can do to increase her breast size.

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I really never cared that much about breast size, although I have very small breasts myself (A-cups). I had a boyfriend since high school and we were together until we graduated from college. He didn't care about breast size at all. But now I'm single and have been dating for about a year and I'm really starting to realize how much breast size is important to men. I'm feeling really self-conscious and I'm starting to think about increasing my breast size. Am I just being vain?


I think it’s unfortunate that your dating experience has led you to believe that you’re not enough on your own to entice a man. It’s true that many men love breasts, the bigger the better, but I think you’ll find a large subset that doesn’t.

I personally know many men who profess to prefer small breasts to large ones. Likewise, I have a number of female friends, both large-bosomed and otherwise, and it seems to me that the grass is always greener on the other side.

Women who seem to have it all on top can’t enjoy it because they’re constantly being ogled and harassed, plus it hurts to run without adequate support, and your back and shoulders are sore from your front ballast. Women with less are lucky in that they can go without bras and are able to more easily find clothes that fit properly, but when they look around and see the “ideal” that’s being shoved in our faces, they think they don’t have enough. 

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However, I don’t think you’re vain to want to increase your breast size. Obviously, there is an ideal of female perfection. Men may argue that they want a different type of girl, or that they’ve never been attracted to the standard, but that doesn’t change the fact that girls and women have an image shoved down their throats of how they’re supposed to appear: long, toned legs, tan skin, long hair, big eyes, little nose, no hips, perky behind, thin waist, big breasts.

Ironically, it’s not the fashion industry that’s pressing this on us; how many high-fashion models do you see with the disproportionately large breast to waist ratio society demands? Almost none. That’s because it’s pretty much impossible for someone to be skinny as a rail and flaunt a huge rack. Where is this image coming from, if not from the catwalk? I think its overflow from the sex industry.

Sex Society
Commercial pornographies don’t feature normal women, they use human dolls: sucked, plumped, lifted, and enhanced into meeting our society’s desire for sexy. Look at any lingerie or swimsuit model. They’re not selling clothes; they’re selling sex, and they have to look like it.

Women take their cues from this. To be sexy, one has to meet the standard, and that standard includes big breasts on a little body. It’s hard to remember that you can be much sexier in your own way, small breasts and all, than in conforming to this ideal and looking like you came out of a plastic mold.

Do you want to represent yourself as a human doll? If you do, right on, that’s your own deal. If you don’t, and you want to attract men that aren’t wrapped up in this mammomania, and thereby avoid an entire other host of issues (inability to commit to a single partner, pornography addiction, infidelity—issues that stem from our culture’s overflow of availability), then I wouldn’t worry about your breast size. 

Breasts to Impress
If you’re somewhere in the middle, and you do want to try increasing your breast size, without going under the knife, I recommend an herbal supplement. Breast growth is linked to several hormones, most especially estrogen. By beginning an herbal course high in phytoestrogens, you may be able to increase your breasts naturally, as they stimulate your body to produce breast tissue. I hope this helps you find happiness with yourself!

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