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Here we investigate the case of a loyal girlfriend who is concerned with her man being able to hold back his climaxes a little longer. They barely get going before he shoots his seed and so the only things getting wet are the sheets. How can we help to address this embarrassing issue?

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I have a concern about my boyfriend. He doesn't seem to last long during intercourse and he does ejaculate at least 1-3 times a day. As far as I know he does not masturbate but he usually receives oral sex from me. His lasting power has nothing to do with his lack in having an orgasm. We spend a lot of time doing foreplay but when we are having sex and he is inside of me, he usually stops a lot or he can go for long, but he usually just climaxes within 5 minutes. I have learned to often have short sex and prefer it but I don't mind, in fact, I would much rather have someone who doesn't have problems with premature ejaculation and can last long so we can enjoy our time together.


You’ve seen those comedy skits on TV shows like “Chappelle’s Show,” where a man is on top of his partner in the missionary position gleefully humping and pumping away. The woman rolls her eyes, exhibiting a look of boredom as if waiting for the incidental coupling to be over with. Suddenly, the man groans loudly while raising up in simulated climax, and then rolls over and sinks into his side of the bed while sighing, eyes at half-mast. He makes it seem as though he’s just run some sort of marathon and slips off into a deep sleep while his partner rolls her eyes once again, dissatisfied because she didn’t get the opportunity to have an orgasm.
No Laughing Matter
While skits such as there may be funny to watch, some men such as your boyfriend are actually dealing with a nightmarish real-life version of this; and it’s no laughing matter.
There are numerous reasons why men experience premature ejaculations, or P.E. Taking anti-depressants and SSRI drugs, hypothyroidism, excessive caffeine, prostatitis, high blood pressure, undergoing a vasectomy; all of these factors can lead to P.E. However, in your boyfriend’s case, since he is ejaculating 1-3 times per day he is probably overdoing it. When a man ejaculates too many times without resting and recovering properly between sex and/or masturbation, he exhausts his body’s supply of neurochemicals and androgen hormones.
What happens from there is that his body is unable to replace these crucial resources fast enough between his sexual activity sessions and this leads to being sexually exhausted. In addition to that, his P.E. problems could be causing him to worry about his sexual ability and he could now be suffering for performance anxiety, which only adds to the problem. In an effort to please you he tries in vain to sexually please you as much as he can, but this only exhausts his system further, exacerbating the issue. So let’s see how this can be addressed.
Your Very Own Emperor
Tell him that he needs to take a break from sex (including masturbation) for the time being; at least until his P.E. problem is taken care of. For you it might seem a little hard to abstain from sex with him since naturally couples like to please each other, but just view it as a small sacrifice leading to helping a much larger issue, and an eventual return to having a fuller sex-life.
Ancient Chinese warlords such as the great Cao Cao had many wives and concubines, and were frequently worn out by having to attend to them constantly. So, they would consult with experienced herbalists, who were wise in the ways of special botanical mixtures which could help to restore sexual vigor and alleviate symptoms of sexual exhaustion. (TRY: Natural Formula for Ejaculatory Control & Nerve Health) These powerful concoctions can also help to repair any damage done to your boyfriend’s parasympathetic nervous system, enabling them to better control his climaxes, as well as calm stress and anxiety that might be contributing to the problem.
Luckily you don’t have any other women to contend with in your boyfriend’s life like the women in the lives of the ancient warlords did, so it should be much easier for him to bounce back and return to the climax control beast that he used to be!

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