Coping with the Loose and Sagging Nature of an Aging Vagina

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She suffers from an aging vagina and wants to explore the option of vaginal reconstructive surgery. Although this procedure might improve the appearance and feel of her vagina, it comes with serious health risks. A better option is to use a natural herbal formula that works from within the body.

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I’ve heard mixed results about vaginal reconstruction surgery. Some say it helps restore your genitals to their youthful state; others say it’s dangerous. According to some sources, the surgery can damage nerve endings, ruin sexual experiences and, worst of all, lead to the expansion of vaginal muscles. So what’s the verdict on the surgery? Does it help or hurt?


In its prime, the vagina can look as lush and bountiful as a ripe peach. Skin is tucked neatly in place and nerves are pleasingly sensitive. Nothing seems amiss, and in the minds of many females who have yet to endure the hardships of birth or age, nothing ever could be amiss.
But time takes its toll on the body, including the vagina. A woman can hope, exercise and primp all she wants, but the vagina is as susceptible to age as the face. Few females actually see their genitalia on a regular basis – if ever – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worried about how they look down there. 
How the Female Genitalia Ages
Much of the vagina’s appearance has to do with estrogen; when the hormone’s levels are high, tissues remain firm and plump. But waning estrogen levels cause the vagina to shrink and sag. This namely occurs in the labia region, which loses collagen and takes on a flat appearance with age. The clitoris can also shrink, although sexual pleasure is not affected. 
Meanwhile, the vulva may darken from its once pearly pink hue to a dull brown color. Some vaginas also drop, an occurrence that can cause the opening to swell. Pubic hair may thin and turn gray, and skin around the vagina can lose elasticity and wrinkle.
Loose Vagina
The outside of the vagina is not the only part that transforms with age. Changes also occur on the inside, again because of the loss of estrogen. This hormone keeps vaginal walls strong and plump, but its loss causes them to thin and sag.

Many women even describe their vaginas as loose and say their sexual experiences suffer as a result. They might lose sexual sensation as their parts age, or their partners might complain the vagina isn’t as tight – and therefore not as pleasurable – as it once was. 
Regardless of the symptoms endured, an aging vagina is nothing more than a consequence of time. It happens to all women in varying degrees. The question is, what options does a female have to combat the loss of her once verdant genitalia?
Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery
Vaginal reconstructive surgery attempts to reverse the effects of aging. A variety of procedures allow women to remove sagging skin from their labia and then plump them with fat cells so they resemble a younger woman’s. Vaginal tissues can be brought together to tighten the walls and heighten sexual pleasure.

Temporary dying procedures are available at some spas to return a pinkish hue to the vulva. Vaginal mesh products even attempt to correct pelvic organ prolapse, a condition of weakened tissues that allow organs to drop and hit the vagina. 
But these procedures come with serious complications. Reconstructive surgery can damage nerves and further distort the vagina’s appearance. Mesh materials can cause infections and force women to urinate with a catheter. The better solution is to naturally restore your vagina to a more youthful state with herbs.
Combatting an Aging Vagina
The primary goal for women with an aging vagina is to restore firmness and tightness. This restoration is for aesthetic purposes as much as for sexual pleasure. The ideal solution, therefore, is an herbal formula that balances hormones, improves blood flow and stimulates nerves (SEE: VRD Formulation). A blend with ingredients like Chinese Milk Thistle, Guarana seed and Muira Puama can achieve all of these functions and also increase elasticity in vaginal tissues.

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