Constant Masturbation Causing Me To Ache

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By Richard Bonilla Conditions: Men's Prostatitis Symptoms: urinary incontinence Age: 18 - 35

His chronic over-masturbation resulted in prostate problems and back pain.

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For the past couple of weeks I thought I had a bladder infection from a frequent urge to urinate. Even after I would go I felt like I had to go again. I used to masturbate often but don't so much anymore. When I was masturbating it was 1 to 2 times a day. I also have lower back pain and experience heat or burning sometimes in the kidney and prostate areas. Can you help with a recommendation of something to take?


You are suffering from prostate problems and back pain caused by excessive masturbation. Over-masturbating has damaged your body in various ways. Excessive sexual activity and over-ejaculation lead to the overproduction of androgen hormones, causing adrenal and sex organ fatigue, and excess release of dopamine to maintain prolonged sexual arousal. The result can cause weak erections, lead to premature ejaculations, inflame the prostate, and cause back pain.
When you engage in too much sex, masturbation, pornography viewing, sexual fantasy, and orgasms, the body overproduces androgen hormones, which exhaust the sex organs and release excessive dopamine levels. Dopamine, a precursor to the stress hormone epinephrine (adrenaline), overproduces epinephrine and places the body in a prolonged state of fight-or-flight stress. Meanwhile, norepinephrine, synthesized from dopamine, release from the adrenal medulla into the blood as a hormone, along with the stress hormone cortisol. The hormone prostaglandin E-2, which serves an important function in sexual arousal, is overproduced as well and causes pain throughout the body.
You need to refrain from masturbating as much. By stopping the activity in a high frequency, your body will have the chance to reduce inflammation and eliminate the toxic build up caused by years or abusive masturbation. In order to further reduce prostate pain and bladder discomforts, take Traditional Chinese Medicine For Urinary & Prostate Inflammation for recovery.

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Marc Rasmussan posted on Tue, 02/19/2013 - 11:58
Slow it down dude. Sounds like you have a serious problem with how excited you get. Just be careful or you might end up with something that is a lot worse.
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