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Woman menstruates almost constantly—from heavy bleeding whilst on her period, to “spotting” when not, which occurs not in spots but in floods! Why does she bleed so much and so constantly? What can she do to stop ruining pants and panties?

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I bring a new meaning to the words, “We got a bleeder!” I am a heavy bleeder. I often have to use two tampons to prevent any accidents from occurring. And even after my period ends, I notice sporadic spotting occur. The spotting, however, is not a few droplets. No, no, no, the spotting resembles more like an open floodgate in which the water flows freely. I’ve ruined pants and panties because of this issue. And now I’ve finally decided to look for advice. What’s wrong with me?


Lucky for you, there’s probably nothing wrong with you can’t be easily fixed. I think the problem is a lack of estrogen. It’s a long story, but progesterone and estrogen must both function together in perfectly matched levels in order to actualize both ovulation and menstruation.
You may remember from your college human sexuality course that progesterone creates the lining of the uterus; while the precipitous drop of it before your menstrual cycle signals to the body to flush the uterus after a failed ovulation. It is normally estrogen which counterbalances these bodily mandates; telling the body that the uterus has been sufficiently cleansed by signaling that it’s time to build the lining again.
A Busted Circuit
However, what you probably didn’t know, seeing as it’s been an ongoing issue for you, is that not having enough estrogen in conjunction with your progesterone levels can cause almost continual bleeding, which is what it sounds like you’ve been going through. First, the body creates an endometrial layer that is far too thick, then, it prompts the body to release this lining once, for menstruation, and then at other points throughout the month when a drop in progesterone levels is noticed without stabilizing estrogen there to cancel the order.
There are other signifiers of excess progesterone: thick, white discharge whilst you’re not on your period, weight gain, and foggy thinking are all also linked to excess progesterone—do any of these ring a bell?

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Increasing Estrogen Naturally
Ultimately, it’s not too difficult to reestablish healthy levels of estrogen in your body. In my opinion, the best option is to begin a supplement high in phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens have the ability to act as progesterone, estrogen, or testosterone in the body. You might worry that you’re adding more fuel to the fire; interestingly, phytoestrogens are used by the body as a filler for any hormonal gaps it’s experiencing. Thus, having excess progesterone and taking phytoestrogens will not results in even more excess progesterone.
The word phytoestrogen sounds a bit intimidating, but in fact these chemical hormones come from plants! Phytoestrogens have been used for millennia to treat many a female reproductive complaint. They can be found especially in flax seeds, plants in the legume family, and soy.
Damming the Flood
In conjunction with this, I highly recommend beginning a supplement known as Shepherd’s Purse, or Capsella bursa-pastoris. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Irregular Menstrual Cycle) The plant has been used for ages as a way to lessen all uterine bleeding. It functions as an astringent, and as such it constricts blood vessels, lessening the flow of blood. I’m sure that by the application of these two techniques you will soon be worry-free and able to break out the white pants once again.

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