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What are the symptoms of over masturbation? 
The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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From Chronic Masturbation to Hair Elimination – How Pleasure Can Lead to Hair Loss

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By Chris Scalise Conditions: Men's Over Masturbation Weak Erection Causes: DHT Symptoms: thinning hair Age: 18 - 35

His premature hair loss was caused, at least in part, by chronic masturbation. Find out how this is possible, and discover what can be done about it.

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I am a 28 year old male who has masturbated 2-5 times a day since I was 15. I have also taken a 1mg a day dose of Finasteride for my hair loss but stopped as soon as I could not get an erection which was about 3 weeks. My erections have since returned, however I cannot get any harder than 3 o clock and I come very quickly which is about normal from before I started to take the medication. Help please. How can I last longer and get better erections? I just seem too sensitive now it wasn’t always that way. My hair really needs to grow back too. I look a lot older because of this.


There are multiple factors at work here, but your arch nemesis is a little inflammatory hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone (but for the sake of my sanity and yours, I'm just going to address it by its common abbreviation, DHT). DHT is an important androgen hormone that functions as a sex steroid, but if it becomes too abundant, it can wreak havoc throughout your reproductive system. I mean, you know how it is. You invite 5 people to your house party, but then 40 people show up and trash the place. It's not a pretty picture.
DHT – Where Did it Come From? 
Testosterone converts to DHT inside your body. But when you masturbate multiple times a day like a monkey in a cage with nothing better to do, that testosterone-DHT conversion  kicks into overdrive. Before long, the DHT is running rampant through your prostate, urethra, penis and testicles, leaving a trail of wreckage in its path. Your prostate begins to enlarge, and that leads to premature ejaculation. Your urethra becomes inflamed, and that causes severe pain and discomfort. If that wasn't bad enough, the injury causes plaque to accumulate and scar tissue to form.
As a result, blood cannot adequately fill the chambers of your penis, and your erections become as soft as fresh baked cookies – but not nearly as tasty.
And then there is the hair loss medication. If you read carefully, the label on the bottle even warns about the potential for sexual dysfunction, and these symptoms don't necessarily subside after you stop taking the drug. Unfortunately, these medications interfere with your balance of hormones, and can even exacerbate the DHT problem. So the trick here isn't just restoring your sexual function. Ideally, we want to treat the sexual dysfunction and the hair loss simultaneously. Can such a feat actually be achieved? As a matter of fact, yes it can.
Where There's a Will...
It may surprise you to learn that your chronic masturbation may actually be a prime contributor to your hair loss. That's right. DHT weakens the hair follicles, causing the hairline to recede. So before anything else, you need to get the masturbation problem under control. Moderation is okay, but multiple sessions per day is definitely problematic. Whenever you're tempted to masturbate, just rub the top of your head (no, not the lower head) and remember why you're fighting the good fight.
Second, I would recommend an herbal remedy formulated for hair loss and sexual dysfunction. (TRY: Very Severe Hair Loss Herbal Formula) You're going to need a targeted combination of herbs like Ashwagandha, Cuscuta, Fo Ti, Green Tea and Suma. These herbs work to halt DHT production while increasing oxygenation to the hair follicles and repairing the damage to your reproductive system. I mean, how often do you get to watch your hair and your penis grow at the same time? Not bad.

What to do

Herbal Formula For Very Severe Hair Loss

Sexual exhaustion from chronic masturbation is not the only cause of hair loss. But if you are often fatigued, losing your hair before 30, and look older than you actually are, it's time to get stop this downhill trend. Read more
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