The Case of the Mysterious Testicle Pain

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He was a healthy guy with one annoying problem: ejaculation caused him severe testicle pain. What could cause such an affliction? Get the facts.

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I ejaculate once a week and I have pain in my left testicle every time after I am done. I don’t know what this could be. I have also noticed they get really scrunched up against my pelvis, almost as if they are getting smaller. Can you please help me understand why this pain and change is happening and how to fix it? If that is even possible.


Testicles should come with a “Fragile” sign. It almost seems unfair that the organs that bring us the most joy are also the most prone to indescribably painful destruction. If we had any sense at all, we would wear an athletic cup at all times.
The sensitivity of testicles is almost unprecedented, and unfortunately, it can be difficult to pinpoint an exact cause for your testicular pain, assuming that you haven't experienced any sort of obvious trauma (but I assume that if you had taken a football to the groin, you wouldn't be so mystified about the symptom). In order to get the issue under control, we're going to need to do a bit testicular troubleshooting.
Solving the Mystery 
You shouldn't experience testicular pain merely as a result of ejaculating once per week, so we can scratch that as a possible cause. However, did you masturbate frequently in the past?
Unfortunately, chronic masturbation can cause severe testicular pain—even in the long term—by depleting important hormones and constricting the sensitive arteries in and around your scrotum. Since you describe a “scrunching” sensation, it sounds like there may definitely be some arterial constriction at work here. There's nothing more unpleasant than having your scrotum disappear into your pelvis...well, maybe there are a few things more unpleasant, but incidentally they also involved the testicles.
Have you had a vasectomy? This can also contribute to the symptoms you're describing, because like any surgery, vasectomies are prone to complications. Have you noticed any strange lumps around your scrotum? In rare cases, testicle pain can be a sign of testicular cancer, so take a moment to thoroughly inspect the entire area. If you notice any irregularities, see a doctor right away. If none of these causes apply to you, you may just have some impaired blood flow. This is fairly common, and fortunately it's easy to treat in most cases.
Make the Pain Go Away 
Chances are, the problem isn't too severe, and you should be able to eliminate the pain using a simple botanical remedy formulated for testicular pain and atrophy. (TRY: Natural Remedy for Testicular Pain Relief) I would recommend that you try such a remedy for a few weeks, and then, if the pain persists, visit a doctor for a more thorough inspection. Just ask for the most attractive doctor available, and it won't be so bad. The body is capable damaging itself in some pretty strange ways, but sometimes we just need a tune-up.

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