The Cargo Ship of Cum – Prostate Problems and Excessive DHT

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Premature Ejaculation Prostate Enlargement Causes: DHT Symptoms: wet dream prostate pain Age: 36 - 55

Here we consult a man suspects that his pc muscle are letting him down in a big way, and that he is now suffering from ejaculating too soon. How can he hope to solve this potentially embarrassing problem?

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I am 42 years old and have been practicing ejaculation control since the age of 25 but it does not seem to help. Most of my ejaculations come at night through nocturnal emissions and during love making which is where I ejaculate the fastest. In the recent past I have noticed really sharp pains in my prostate when I prematurely ejaculate. Is it possible that prostate enlargement has caused premature ejaculation? Please help.


Long regarded as the “Male G-Spot,” that oblong shape in-between your anus and the base of your penile shaft is a very complex tubuloalveolar exocrine gland called the prostate, which carries the seminal fluids which all healthy men ejaculate upon sexual climax. Indeed, here’s a little sex-tip for you guys out there: The next time you engage in sexual intercourse have your partner stroke and massage your prostate. You’ll see how just how sensitive it is as you strain to hold back ejaculating.

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Yes, Men Have G-Spots Too
As we age, our prostate expands and becomes larger naturally. Normal prostate masses range from 12 grams during puberty to an average of 21 grams for a healthy male. It is when a prostate starts to swell and reach in excess of 30 grams that symptoms may begin to appear. Prostate cancer as well as bacterial prostate infections may also cause prostate growth.
Excessive masturbation can play a large role in expanding the prostate into an unhealthy zone. This can occur at young ages as well because until you reach 25 years of age, your brain is still developing and is more susceptible to developing habitual behavior, such as addictions to masturbation (Over Masturbation). Whatever the age, when symptoms such as an increased urge to urinate, straining to urinate, or the inability to complete drain the wizard once you’ve finished taking a leak start to occur, the cause is most likely problems with your prostrate.
When one masturbates excessively, testosterone levels rise in order to accommodate frequent sexual arousal states. As this occurs, an increased amount of strain is placed upon your prostate in order to convert testosterone into DHT. When too much DHT starts to accumulate over time, this build-up can cause your prostate to enlarge, leading to premature ejaculation, and later impotence, incontinence (the inability to control urination), benign prostatic hyperplasia (interference with normal urination), and Prostatitis. In some cases, Prostatitis can develop due to excessive DHT build-up and result in inflammation of the area (sometimes painful). So how do you put out the fires down there?

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Fire Hose Needed Over Here!
Taking a natural herbal solution can help to recover from your symptoms, and since they are safe botanical concoctions that have been used for centuries in Chinese culture, there are no side-effects as there are with many pharmaceutical medications.
These specialized mixtures can help to strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system, which holds your urine and ejaculation in check, while also lowering excessive DHT and stress hormone levels. (TRY: Natural Formula for Prostate Enlargement & Controlled Ejaculation) Meanwhile, they can help to re-balance your production of alpha-glycosidase and acid phosphatase, two of the critical enzymes associated with the ejaculation reflex arc. Other benefits include boosting your liver function for enhanced detoxification of your body, and re-balancing your hormonal levels. All of these restorative factors can eventually lead to alleviating the inflammation within your prostate and returning it back to its normal size. Less stress for you; right?
So invest in yourself and take a natural healing path back to that ranging sexual beast you used to be!

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Herbal Remedies For Premature Ejaculation With Enlarged Prostate

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Ian Kane's picture
Ian Kane posted on Mon, 08/18/2014 - 12:27
Yes, I agree. You must be disciplined about not having sex and/or masturbating until you make a full recovery. Just remember that's it's only temporary and that you'll come back bigger and better than before. You can do it!
Cristopher Baxter's picture
Cristopher Baxter posted on Mon, 08/18/2014 - 10:10
You can start having sex throughout recovery but you really have to keep it limited. Same goes for masturbation. If a person goes back to their old habits then it is sort of pointless to be recovering. 
johnson100's picture
johnson100 posted on Thu, 09/04/2014 - 06:31
thanks for the reply... if i am experiencing premature activity ..when will i notice a endurence improvement? i will be on month 4 of my revovery tomorrow! no sex nor masterbation
Cristopher Baxter's picture
Cristopher Baxter posted on Thu, 09/04/2014 - 09:44
How do you feel your body? Does it feel rejuvenated, restored? 4 months of no sex or masturbation along with taking herbal formulas may be just the time. Have you been experiencing nocturnal emissions?
johnson100's picture
johnson100 posted on Thu, 09/04/2014 - 21:07
 i feel a bit rejuvenated a bit but not that much... M'y érections feel a bit harder but not fully ..i Still have dribbling urine after i go to thé washroom and i dont feel that my pré mature éjaculation has improved but Im not sûre because i haven't tested it yet but Im preety sûre if it was cures i would know thé différence without having to test it out ..improvements that i noticed are less anxiety ,slightly harder érections ,à little improvement on precum but it Still happens and thats preety muxh it ...i notice à nocternal emmision almost every month but when i stopped smoking weed on monday I has 2 in thé Same day on wednesday and one on tuesday 
Cristopher Baxter's picture
Cristopher Baxter posted on Fri, 09/05/2014 - 15:07
That is a big imporvement. Nocturnal emissions should have been happening before but I am guessing you were smoking weed during your recovery? These nocturnal emissions will keep happening for a while and they are a good sign of your recovery. This means your body is expelling every bad thing. Don't let your hopes down, this will continue getting better. Good luck on the rest of your recovery!
johnson100's picture
johnson100 posted on Sun, 08/17/2014 - 20:02
I'm on month 3 week 2 how much longer until I'm able to have sex ?
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