Can't Fell This: Sensations Dulled or Almost Gone At The Head

An uncircumcised, diabetic male underwent the procedure voluntarily to solve one problem, only to discover he'd given himself another one. Now, the head of his penis almost feels nothing, making firm erections a hard slog that won't last, even with drugs. Read on to see what can be done.

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I am a diabetic and recently had a circumcision done due to problems with my foreskin. Since returning to an active sex life, I have noticed that the sensitivity to the head of my penis is lacking almost numb. It is difficult to sustain a hard firm erection even with the use of erectile drugs. I need some help and advice as to what can be done to eliminate this troubling problem.


Diabetes, if left untreated, can lead to significant damage to blood vessels and nerves. This can be bad enough in body parts you can discuss in public, like toes or eyes, but it can definitely wreak major havoc in your penis, as well. 

Numbness In One Particular Extremity
Simply achieving and maintaining erections requires intricate fluid mechanics and chemical balances, all controlled by a complex network of nerves. Making orgasms possible is an even more complicated process, and aren't you glad that you don't have to consciously think about any of this while you're getting down to business?

Diabetes doesn't necessarily make it all impossible, but a damaged tool makes doing any job more difficult, and damaged genitals are no exception. Even, or especially, when the damage is not visible to the naked, untrained eye.

A Most Palpable Cut
Professional musicians keep their instruments protected between performances. Professional drivers keep their vehicles covered between drives. And a circumcised penis is much like any other important tool: when you aren't using it, it keeps itself in its own sheath.

Without your foreskin, the head of your penis will be subjected to almost constant, low-level stimulation, much like any other toy left out in the elements. Whether you were circumcised just after birth or when you could consciously remember it, your brain will start filtering out the sensations so you can get on with your life. This is the same thing as “powering past the pain” when you're pushing yourself to your limits while lifting weights or running. It's much more difficult to shut the filter off, though, which is where the other half of the problem rests.
What Can I Do?
Diabetes-damaged nerves send fewer signals to your brain. Circumcision sends more signals out from the head of your penis, so your brain gives them lower priority in processing. It seems like an insurmountable problem, but there are ways to deal with it.

You may want to experiment with using an herbal supplement designed to help your body recover from the damage diabetes inflicted on your penis (SEE MORE: Natural Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction & Diabetes). With all the inner mechanisms repaired and brought back up to nominal functioning, your circumcised penis won't present quite so much of a problem.
On the other hand, we recommend avoiding the use of erectile drugs, as they are usually accompanied by lots of side-effects that may be worse than the original problem: hair loss, vision problems, and even cardiac trouble, among others.
And as always, keep your partner informed about what you're doing. A man who can demonstrate this level of vulnerability to and intimate trust in his partner is very sexy, after all. Be patient and let the process work at its own pace; your partner will soon be able to reward that trust, with interest, when your penis' sensitivity is restored.

What to do

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