Can’t We Just Cuddle? When A Man’s Mojo is Missing and His Girlfriend Isn’t Happy Anymore

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By Kate Gorrell Conditions: Men's Low Sex Drive Age: 18 - 35

He doesn’t want to have sex, and she does. They used to enjoy a strong and balanced sex life; now he’s just doing it for her. What’s happened to his sex drive, and can he get it back?

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I’ve been having a problem lately. I just don’t want to have sex anymore. I’ve been with my girlfriend for a year and a half, I love her and I think she’s beautiful, but I just don’t think about sex. I’d be happy just snuggling most nights. I used to love how much we had sex, but now she wants sex every night, and I don’t. I try to give her what she wants, but my heart’s not in it. Can you give me my sex drive back?


I can help you with your problem, but it’s also important to maintain open communication between partners. While it can sometimes hurt one partner to hear that the other desires less sex, be sure to remind her that you still think she’s beautiful, and that you do enjoy sex, but can’t keep up the routine you’re currently on.
Squeezed Dry
This needs to be said at one point or another anyhow, because for a while you’re going to need to have less sex. Right now you’re draining your body every night—there’s no time for it to recover your spent hormones and neurochemicals. When you were eighteen, it was no problem for you to go again and again. But as we age, the chemical spring back isn’t as quick as it once was. Right now, you’re like a wrung sponge. There’s no juice in you!
The Missing Link
You, as a male, require testosterone in high amounts to have a functioning sex drive. Without this hormone, you have neither libido, nor arousal, and might begin having issues with erection, due to how testosterone keys nitric oxide production. Your body will also be strung out trying to keep up with demands for serotonin and dopamine that climb higher each day—tricked into an addictive state.

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Ups and Downs
You might also be having problems sleeping at night, and staying awake during the day. The body employs a certain amount of adrenaline during sex, and while you usually knock out after the deed is done, the chemical can start to build in your body over time, resulting in altered biorhythms.
Cut It Out!
Another hormone you don’t need that’s building up in your body is prolactin. Hyperprolactinism goes hand-in-hand with low testosterone levels. The body releases prolactin after sex, it causes you to not desire sex for a few minutes to an hour, allowing for the body to complete an arousal cycle safely.
However, this hormone lingers, and the more sex you’re having, the more prolactin will be present in your body. Prolactin does not belong in the male body beyond the window after orgasm—it causes a loss of libido, and desensitization to the genitals. Not to mention, it tends to take the place normally allotted to testosterone molecules in the body.
Clean Up Your Act
You need to restore proper chemical cycles to your body and brain before you’re normally desire sex again. I recommend an herb known for its detoxifying benefits. Bupleurum kickstarts purification in the body by toning the liver and improving circulation. (SEE: Bulpeurum for Increase Sex Drive) By removing the noxious chemicals, and taking a rest from your sexual activities, your body will quickly replenish testosterone and DHEA, while normalizing neurochemical activity in the brain. This herb is safe to use daily and rejuvenating for the entire body, cleansing and filtering each organ system.
It’s important to start detoxifying as soon as possible. The sooner you remove the prolactin from your body, the more quickly you will feel yourself again. Don’t keep your girlfriend waiting forever!

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