Can Coffee Be The Reason Why I Get PE? Coffee Drinkers Beware!

I have read that caffeine is able to cause premature ejaculation due to hyper-stimluation of the prostate. I find that when I drink coffee, I am unable to last for a long time, in fact ejaculation prior to penetration.

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I have read that caffeine can cause premature ejaculation due to the hyper-stimulation of the prostate it supposedly causes. I find that when I drink coffee, I am unable to last a long time, and I sometimes even ejaculate prior to penetration. What’s a coffee addict to do?


Many people wondered if caffeine from coffee can cause premature ejaculation due to the hyper-stimulation of the prostate. We heard of many stories just like yours.
From a physiological point of view, caffeine switches the nervous function from parasympathetic to sympathetic. Since keeping a hard erection and holding the ejaculation valve are powered by the parasympathetic function, weak parasympathetic nerves can result in early ejaculation.
Take Herbs For Expelling Excessive Caffeine to expel excessive amounts of caffeine from your liver. Herbs in the formula can decrease stress hormone production and help to re-charge the parasympathetic nerves, thus helping them to recover from exhaustion faster. Also try Tao’s Natural Ejaculation Control Technique to strengthen your weak parasympathetic nerves.

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Stephen Kwan posted on Sun, 12/23/2012 - 18:04
Premature ejaculation can be diagnosed as ejaculating before the woman has an opportunity to orgasm. As it turns out, it may be more than the stained teeth and bad breath from coffee that comes between a man and a woman.
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