Can Being Too Tightly Circumcised Stunt Penis Growth Techniques?

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By Steve Sun Conditions: Men's Foreskin Restoration Penis Enlargement Causes: circumcision Age: 18 - 35

Despite results from Penis Ballooning, the circumcised penis has damaged nerves that prevent further enlargement.

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After about 3 weeks with Penis Ballooning Technique along with the Power P Formula, I am impressed. My penis has grown at least half an inch larger than it was before. I can finally reach the epicenter of her sensation, whereas previously I could only touch the cervix during intercourse. It changed my wife, too. She is so happy now, always looking forward to when we can be intimateI think that the circumcision is limiting my ballooning.

I think that my circumcision is limiting my ballooning. How can I overcome this? What is the best way to restore back God’s gift?


Good to know that a loving couple has strengthened their relationship with both physical and psychological binding.

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Summary: Grown half an inch within 3 weeks by practicing Ballooning Techniuqe and using Power P. New penis helps him to reach his wife's orgasmic epicenter and wants to restore foreskin next
 Q I am 45-years-old with 5.2" inch long. I can't make my girlfriend come very well because of my size. What can I do? (answer)
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Does foreskin restoration make sex any better?

Uncircumcised men feel more sensitivity at the head of the penis because their nerves are kept fresh and protected in a warm and moist environment. They also report having more comfortable erections because of the extra shaft skin that is there when the foreskin retracts. The foreskin also massages the penis head and shaft during intercourse, making sex much more enjoyable.
A desensitized penis and nerve damage are common side effects of circumcision. They might hinder your pace of ballooning training. The good news is that the Penile Ballooning Technique and Power P formula can help you rejuvenate the damaged nerves.
When a man is circumcised, he loses the protection that is essential to protecting the nerves on the head of the penis. If you want to recover from desensitization of the penis, the best way is to manually stretch your foreskin, using a effective and safe stretching device to restore your foreskin. Many natural ways of foreskin restoration are discussed in Natural Solutions For Foreskin Restoration.
The concept of foreskin stretching is nothing new. Many primitive cultures practiced custom soft tissue expansion of the ears, lips, nose, and other body parts for religious devolution and aesthetic attraction. Herbal formulas have also helped to rejuvenate the damaged nerve endings of the forehead of the penis. Increased sensitivity and blood circulation will accelerate the effect of Penis Ballooning Technique.

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Penile Ballooning Technique

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Natural Solutions For Foreskin Restoration

If you want to see a return of your natural foreskin, try Natural Solutions for Foreskin Restoration. Read more
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FreexBoot posted on Fri, 07/25/2014 - 16:46
hey lady i think th problem is you got a loose vag from to much sex with big dudes. if you want your bf to get a bigger penis why don’t u get a smaller vag? its women like you make guys feel bad about themself. i bet your bf is already woried about how u think about him, and then u want to know how to trcick him into getting biggr dick, is messed up.

my penis isn’t to big but my gf, she’s so tite she makes me feel big. u should b like her, al day she does some exercise to make herself smaller. idk what she do, but it work great. i think every women should try this before they complane about a man being too small. i think it can’t be so hard, my woman is not so smart but she does it ever day with no problem.
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Chaya Chamberlain posted on Fri, 07/25/2014 - 16:39
I’ve been wondering what to do to increase the size of my boyfriend’s penis. I did some reading on this site, but I’m too afraid to suggest “jelqing” with all the dangers it seems to pose. From the positive response to this article, it seems like penile ballooning is a good option, but I’m not sure I quite understand how it works. You just keep an erection for 20 minutes, with a light massage in the beginning? Maybe I sound stupid, but I don’t have a penis, so…

I was also wondering if anyone can suggest a way to propose this to my boyfriend without coming right out and saying that I wish his penis was bigger. He’s 35, with a 5 inch penis. The girth is not the problem, he seems pretty thick, but I’d love if his penis was a bit longer. I think I might have a longer vagina than normal, as I tend to date really “big” guys. Any way, suggestions are appreciated!
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Alonzo Colon posted on Thu, 07/24/2014 - 16:40
I’ve been practicing the foreskin restoration technique, after I read so much about how recovering my lost foreskin can restore sensation to my abused penis. So far, I’ve recovered about ½ inch of tissue in a few months, which gives me confidence that I’ll soon get the rest of it back. I’ve also been practicing the penile ballooning technique at the same time, to really get my penis in fighting form.

I’m 26-years-old, but I’ve never been happy with my the size of my penis, and especially that I was circumcised when I was so young. I started at 6 inches long and 2 inches around, but I’ve already increased my length to 6.5 inches and my girth to 2.25 inches. Each day when I wake up, I practice penile ballooning, and I practice foreskin restoration in the evening. I just wanted to say that these practices really do work, any any man who wants to change the shape of his penis should give them a try!
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astarte cepos posted on Fri, 07/11/2014 - 11:39
3 weeks of your life is barely anything to give up and a lot to gain from it. Where else will you be able to get an entire half inch, nowhere!
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5566 posted on Wed, 06/12/2013 - 15:42
The results so far are great. Your results are actually really good. Circumcision might be a problem. You should try some foreskin restoration solution so that you can see if that was the problem.
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