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A new fan of needs help recovering from the painful aftereffects of milking exercises. Is the damage permanent? If not, what can he do to restore it? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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I have never seen a website like this one. It's amazing! I have one question, what should I do to promote the healing of my penis tissue and improvement of erections. I am really eager to get my problems fixed. My penis is damaged and very sore because of milking exercises that I used to do. I need some healing. Please help me if you have any advice.


Wanting a bigger penis is perfectly natural. The message of “Bigger Is Better” bombards men from every direction, even from our sexual partners. We have been hearing that message for thousands of years, inspiring many attempts to fulfill that desire. The vast majority of these attempts, through mechanisms or exercises or “magic potions”, have been useless at best, while some have caused permanent damage.
Still, given enough time, resources and motivated minds devoted to the problem, a few genuinely effective solutions have been discovered. Most often claimed as a state secret and permissible solely for the use of the king or emperor or whomever sat in The Biggest Chair, the secrets eventually made their way out into the world... and each one of them worked with the body's natural erection mechanisms.
What's Supposed To Happen
Part of why most attempts at penile enhancement fail is that they are based on a flawed premise. The human penis cannot be enhanced by exercises like attaching weights to it or otherwise manipulating it from the outside. Erections are sparked and controlled by hormonal and neurological activity: your parasympathetic nerves spark the production of nitric oxide to dilate the blood vessels in your penis, prostaglandin e-2 keeps them dilated until you ejaculate, testosterone fuels your erections and helps the porous tissues inside your corpus cavernosa and corpus spongiosum recover from the tiny wounds caused by the erection process, and so on.
What Has Gone Wrong
Milking exercises entail drawing additional blood into your erection by a combination of squeezing shut the arteries that let blood exit the penis and manipulating veins supplying blood to it. The motions are very similar to those used in milking a cow, which explains the name. One hand clamps around the base of the penis; the other maintains lighter but still-firm pressure while moving from the base to the tip. The practice is very similar to masturbation and can lead to ejaculation if pursued too vigorously.
There is no real difference between “penis enlargement exercises” and masturbation if you engage in either too often. Both activities damage the penile tissues, which takes longer to heal because the necessary hormones are not present. These injuries can accumulate if you don't give your body time to recover from them, which can result in penis shrinkage, softer erections and possibly even total impotence.
Penis In Drydock
Your penis can recover from the milking exercises but it takes diligent and careful work to get the most function back. Start with reducing your ejaculations or “exercises” as much as possible for three solid weeks. The minimum time between them should be three to four days; the longer you can go without, the better.
While you're waiting, a few important lifestyle changes might be in order, such as diet and exercise. Tissue-repair requires lots of nutrients. The two most critical are zinc and B-vitamins. Properly-prepared seafood, especially oysters but also including lobster and crab, are excellent sources for both. Alternately, you can look into various red meats or toasted wheat germ for zinc, and whole grains and leafy green vegetables for a spread of B-vitamins. Do your own research, read the nutrition labels, and see if you can find your own new favorite foods.
A moderate exercise program can boost your testosterone levels, which assists with tissue repair as well as building up your cardiovascular stamina. In turn, your self-image and self-confidence can increase, which can only improve your performance during sex.
You should also consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement, designed specifically to both rejuvenate damaged tissues and enhance your penis size. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Penile Growth & Chamber Enlargement) It does this through increasing hormone production, and by improving blood circulation to get the additional hormones to where they are needed, as well as boosting several other useful tasks.
Keep your health-care provider informed about what you're doing, so you can get a trained expert's opinion on any necessary adjustments to your regimen. Follow the instructions carefully. Resist the temptation to think that more equals better, as that kind of thinking damaged your penis in the first place. Let the healing happen at its own pace, and you may be surprised by an even larger erection. Good luck!

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Korey Frick's picture
Korey Frick posted on Thu, 08/28/2014 - 11:54
I never thought I'd be one of those foolish numbskulls that gets their penis stuck in a vacuum, or bruised it by doing some acrobatics in the bedroom. I'll just let that be a lesson to myself. . .Never say never.

About one year ago, I was pretty hell-bent on growing bigger for my girlfriend. I tried anything, and everything under the sun. I used the pills that promised a massive growth spurt, I milked it till the cows came home, and above all, I pumped until it literally felt like all the blood in my body had collected into the shaft of my penis.

I tend to do things to the fullest, and I definitely went a lot overboard with this specific project of mine. Finally, I reached my breaking point when I was using a penis pump one day. I was pumping, when I heard the garage door open. I was startled, and I stood up very quickly with the pump still attached. The pump hit the underside of the bathroom counter, and then there was a pop!

I'm pretty sure I blacked out, because the next thing I knew, my girlfriend was shacking me awake and I was naked on the bathroom floor with the pump still attached. This was not my finest hour in the least. To all you guys out their trying to get bigger, I beg you to go about it the right way. . Or you'll end up in the hospital embarrassed beyond belief.
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