Bustin’ Loose – Overcoming Your Urge to Climax Too Fast

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Premature Ejaculation Age: 18 - 35

Here we find a gentleman who has been having success in penis growth, but is now having a hard time controlling his ejaculations. How can he resolve this potentially embarrassing issue?

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I have used some of the penis enlargement exercises and also the herbal products and have had great results quickly. My penis has grown 1/2 an inch in only 1 short month. Now the sensation of ejaculations has come along with the bigger penis size but it is not what I was looking forward to. It seems like I can't control these ejaculations at all. I get a strong sensation and then ejaculate immediately after. That isn't even after 5 minutes or so. I want to increase my ejaculation time. Please help.


Parking in front of her house, his heart fluttered slightly, excited about his new reality. As the car door slammed behind him he broke into an awkward gallop; he’d had to adjust to his body’s locomotion taking into consideration his new and improved package. He’d met tonight’s date a few weeks prior and they had talked flirtatiously on the phone a few times. When the conversation had turned sexual he mentioned that he was packing quite the pipe, and she seemed to react very positively to that. Now it was time to perform!
What in the Name of...?
As he reached her porch the front door swung wide open, almost hitting him. They both laughed nervously and she ushered him in. The chemistry was over-the-top, and right away they started making out. Re-establishing a modicum of control over themselves, they sat on her couch for a little while and engaged in some small talk. This was more of a show than anything else, and after imbibing a few glasses of wine, the distance between them on the couch was quickly bounded, and play time was once again at hand.
After some more frolicking, she’d had enough and grasped him by the hand, yanking him up from the couch and toward her bedroom. She looked down and laughed at his swollen member, which was making the front of his pants stand up like a tent, and he blushed since he hadn’t even noticed. After tearing each other’s clothes off, they hopped into the sack and commenced to some serious humping.
Two minutes later, she sighed as he rolled over onto his back; a dejected look upon his face. He had popped his cork too fast! Shame fell over him as he gathered his clothes and slithered out her front door.
While it’s great that you’re having success in penis growth, you may have undergone a change in your body chemistry, resulting in your sensitivity threshold being lowered. In other words, your new and improved member is a little hypersensitive and now you’re popping your cork after barely unzipping your pants. So how can you address this issue?
Re-Taking Command
Many men have had success in taking back control over their premature ejaculation problems by taking a natural herbal remedy. These can re-modulate your GABA, DHT, serotonin, and dopamine levels and re-balance your overall hormonal levels, while calming any anxiety and oversensitive nerve issues. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Hyperactive Premature Ejaculation) Additionally, they contain special properties which can heal and rejuvenate your parasympathetic nervous system; the valve which shuts off your seminal fluids. This can lead to you re-mastering your nerves as well as your ability to cum when you want to.
The path to recovery lies ahead; it is now up to you to take it and reclaim your days of sexual glory!

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