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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Penis Enlargement Symptoms: low sperm count Age: 18 - 35

Here we have a gentleman that has an average sized member, but wants more to bring to the table…er…bedroom, and also one with more bang-factor. How can he safely do this?

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The first problem that I am having is that I want to have a longer and thicker penis. I am currently between 5.5"-6.5" in length and 1-1.5" in diameter. I would like to increase both by at least 1"-2". The second part of my problem is that when I was younger I was able to shoot my ejaculation far into the air and now I am lucky if it barely shoots out a little bit. I would like to improve in size and restore my penis back to normal.


It's summertime and you’re outside kicking back in the shade of your back patio. As you recline in your folding chair, you nurse a cold brew in one hand and tend to your new bar-b-q pit with the other. Suddenly, you hear some yelling and commotion coming from your next-door neighbor’s house; the super-hot girl that you’ve been fantasizing about ever since you moved into town.

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Summary: For this 32-year-old man, the length of his penis is not the issue; it’s the width. He wants to know how he can get a thicker penis, and he wants to get it done fast. Find out how he transformed his penis into a thicker, more pleasing tool.
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Fire In The Hole
Your gaze follows a thick stream of dark smoke to her back yard, and you almost spill your beer as you get up and rush over to your neatly coiled garden hose and turn the spigot on. Heroically dashing over to the rescue, you look over the low fence that separates your two backyards and quickly spy your luscious neighbor jumping up and down in her tight shots and top; with an emphasis on her “top” bouncing up and down.
Breaking away from your momentary missile lock, you notice that her bar-b-q pit is on fire and also that her spigot doesn’t have a hose attached to it. You tell her not to worry as you valiantly train the water spout coming from your hose onto her flaming pit. Then you start noticing her jumping again and forget to train the water on the fire, which in turn gets worse.
Sirens are soon heard in the background, and a fire truck pulls up. A couple of handsome firefighters disembark and ready their fire hoses. You stand by like a spectator as the dashing fire fighters jog up to your neighbor’s bar-b-q fire and hoisting their large hoses in front of them, spray the fire, transforming it into smoking ashes within seconds. As you stand idly by with your smaller hose which looks like a small leak compared to their bigger and more impressive fire hoses, you watch on as your hot neighbor not only thanks one of the fire fighters with a hug, but also gives him her number and a wink.

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Even though by all accounts you actually have an average sized penis, many men still desire to have a big “fire hose” with which they can spew forth a powerful geyser of sperm. This is understandable as some guys just really want that “Oh…wow!” reaction out of women in the bedroom when they reveal what they’re packin’.
You mentioned that when you were younger, you were able to spray your sperm all over the place like a madman, and now it’s merely trickling out. What can happen as you age is that over time through either masturbating too much (over masturbation), having too much sex too often (or a combination of both) can cause the build-up of fatty collagen deposits called plaque. These can accumulate and inhibit the flow of blood that normally fills up your interconnected penile chambers that allow you to have erections.
Over time, these deposits can cause the subcutaneous penile sheath which normally stretch upon arousal, to start becoming less expansive, resulting in a smaller penis. In addition to this, too much fun can sexually exhaust your body of sexual hormones as well as damage your prostate and your ability to reproduce sperm fast enough, which can lead to seminal fluid depletion. So how do we help solve two problems with one solution?
More Hose for the Fire Hole
If you are engaging in too much sex or masturbation without enough rest between session, try reigning in the beast for a little while at least until your symptoms go away. 3-4 ejaculations per week are normal.
Men with similar issues have found success not with pharmaceutical drugs (with their concomitant negative side-effects), but with specialized, powerful botanical mixtures. (TRY: Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement) These contain nutrients that can rejuvenate and revitalize your entire reproductive system and re-supply it with normal sperm levels. Meanwhile, other herbs within these concoctions can go to work on eroding accumulated plaque build-up and therefore re-open the floodgates for larger erections. Over time, this will allow your penile fibrous sheath to become more elastic and expand your penis size.
So what are you waiting for? Make sure that you’re the one carrying the big hose into that hot fire pit!

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roberthal posted on Sun, 02/26/2017 - 04:48
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Sammie Thayer's picture
Sammie Thayer posted on Wed, 07/16/2014 - 12:02
Hello! I'm a 38 year old male, and I'm very interested in achieving more girth for my penis. I'm happy with the length, but I feel like my length is a bit too long, so it makes my penis look very thin. I've tried using a penis pump before, but all it really did was increase the length for a brief moment, which only made my penis look like a deflated circus balloon when I took it off! It was also pretty painful as well.
At this point I'll try anything to fix the girth at this point! I've recently started dating someone new, and I don't want her first sexual experience with me to remind her of a circus act.

I've been looking at your site, and I was wondering if any of the penis enlargement techniques are girth growing specific? As long as it's not another pump, I'm open to all suggestions. 
Ian Kane's picture
Ian Kane posted on Wed, 07/16/2014 - 10:54
Amelia: Glad that you're so easily satisfied! Studies indicate that although most women don't like a tiny penis, if it's normal sized they like girth more than width. A wider penis can increase the amount of vaginal pleasure because the penis shaft presses up against the vagina's walls during hanky-panky. It can also apply more pressure when rubbing up against a woman's g-spot. That leads to some toe curlling moments or so I've heard (haha).

Merlin Palacios's picture
Merlin Palacios posted on Wed, 07/16/2014 - 10:06
Hey, “Powerful Burst...” It sounds like your boyfriend is just really excited to see you. Before I retired, I traveled all over the place for work, which meant I didn't get to see my wife very much at all. I was always faithful to her, which meant a lot of weeks spent hard up. There's always masturbation and plenty of phone sex to take the edge off, but let's face it, nothing can compare to the real thing.
Much like you two, we were like animals when we finally got to see each other, and yes the come stream was at it's most powerful at that time. . .Sorry to be so graphic.

I just say this because I want to let you know that just because afterward I didn't exactly shoot out like a fire hose, doesn't mean I didn't have a powerful orgasm. I think it's just that initial, “I'm so excited to finally be having sex with you,” kind of thing. I wouldn't worry too much about it. You probably get a little more aroused than normal the first time you do it after a long while too. It's just the way it goes. Just take it as a clear cut sign that he's not messing around.
Coleen Huddleston's picture
Coleen Huddleston posted on Tue, 07/15/2014 - 15:24
I actually have a question that relates closely with this guy's problem. My boyfriend travels a lot for work, so we are apart for weeks at a time. Obviously, by the time we are able to see each other, we're practically tearing each others clothes off. Every time we have sex the first time since he gets home, his orgasm seems to be much more powerful. For lack of a better term, his come shoots out with a highly powerful force.

Once we've done it that first time though, it goes back to a not so powerful force. It doesn't exactly drip, more like lazily streams out. My question is, should I be concerned about this? Does the way his orgasms react after the initial sex kind of tell whether he's really enjoying himself? Or is this just a normal thing?

I've never been in a relationship like this before, where we go long periods of time without seeing each other, or where neither of us are having relations with other people, so I really have nothing to judge this kind of thing on. I hope someone out there can help me?
Amelia Secret's picture
Amelia Secret posted on Thu, 07/10/2014 - 15:57
I have noticed after reading several case studies that men who are around the average size just aren't satisfied. I wonder why. 5.5-6.5 inches is more than enough that I need for a great and pleasure time of having sex. Sometimes you just have to be more confident than anything. I am okay with average and I am sure I am not the only woman out there that is okay with an average sized penis.
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