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Unsightly growths on his penis have left him concerned that he has contracted a disease. What has happened to him? Can he fix it without causing permanent damage to his penis? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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After doing some research on what I think are penile papules because about 7 weeks ago I discovered what looked like pimples all over my shaft. I am really worried this might be an STD or some sort of genital warts. After reading up on it I found out that papules commonly appear in a ring around the tip of the penis but in my case there are bumps all around my shaft as well and they are not formed in a ring. I am so worried, can you please give me some info, and anything would be greatly appreciated.


If you've ever seen “hitchhiker's thumb”, or noticed that you have “adherent” earlobes (blending in with the side of your head) and your girlfriend's ears are “free” (curving up from the lowest point of the ear to where the ear joins the head), you've observed two minor examples of “anatomical variation”. These are small differences in how the body looks and works between one person and another. They appear with roughly the same frequency across all racial and ethnic divisions of humanity, and so they are as much a part of humanity's common genetic heritage as an enlarged cortex and fully-opposable thumbs.
However, since some of these variations can remain dormant until puberty or some other unknown trigger event, they can be mistaken for a sign of something more serious. And to be fair, I have to recommend you double check with your health-care provider, asking specifically about “papules” and “Fordyce spots”. Let's take a closer look at the pearly penis papule phenomenon to assemble more facts.
Where Did They Come From?
The most commonly-accepted theory is that papules are a genetic legacy from our primitive ancestors. Males of many other primate species known today have full-fledged spines on the corresponding part if their penis and some anthropologists theorize that they either assist with impregnation or sexual pleasure or both. Unfortunately, the tiny vestigial bumps found on some (8-48%) of human penises are too small and soft to accomplish either of these possible goals. Not to mention the fact that most males and females find them aesthetically disturbing, if not an uncomfortable reminder of sexually transmitted diseases.
Be advised that true papules are NOT contagious. You did not get them from any of your previous sexual partners (or “a dirty toilet seat”), and you cannot give them to any of your subsequent ones. You might want to mention to her that the corresponding female feature is known as “hirsuties papillaris vulvae“ and she will not catch them from you.
What Am I Supposed To Do About Them?
Medically, they are of no concern, so any attempt by a trained professional to remove them is most likely going to fall under the “elective procedure” category; this in turn means it will be fast, safe and expensive.
Alternately, out of the dozens of available home remedies, some have proved to be effective without risking permanent scarring or other mutilation. One that you might already have in your medicine cabinet is an Iodine Solution. (SEE: Iodine Solution for Penile Papules) Crucial for forming thyroid hormones among higher animals, this chemical element has documented disinfectant and antiseptic properties, along with promoting cell rejuvenation. Follow the instructions patiently. Remember to use only the least amount necessary, and to let the stuff dry before you put on any clothes or even sit on something that needs special care in washing; it will stain.
Before you start any attempt to remove them, I have to repeat: check with a qualified health-care provider first. It's possible that you have diagnosed your problem correctly, but whether you have or not, a trained expert's opinion will be invaluable in monitoring your progress. Good luck!

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Iodine Solution For Penis Papules

Discovered in 1811 and used by higher animals for the synthesize of thyroid hormones, Iodine remains a popular and necessary ele Read more
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