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His girlfriend is experiencing extreme pain during intercourse. She’s on birth control, and gets little to no menstruation per month, however, she is experiencing brown discharge. She feels an urgent need to urinate upon penetration, and feels a great deal of pain around the opening of her vagina, and upon removal of the penis. What’s happening to this woman?

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My girlfriend has been on birth control for about 6 months and she gets very little or no period every month. She isn’t pregnant. She is experiencing brown discharge and she has extreme amounts of pain during intercourse. She describes to me a feeling of high irritation around the opening of the vagina. She tells me that each time I penetrate her she has a large feeling of needing to urinate; however, as soon as I pull out it slowly dissipates. She also has a large amount of pain when I pull my penis out of her vagina. After we finish her stomach seems bloated and it’s pretty hard to the touch; what is going on with her?


It sounds to me as though your girlfriend has developed interstitial cystitis, due to the synthetic hormones in her birth control. Her brown discharge is also due to the hormones, but isn’t anything to worry about. We will discuss why the hormones are irritating her body, what conditions she’s experiencing, and what can be done about them, so grab a seat and read on!
Not Enough Estrogen
Birth control is comprised of either synthetic hormones, or hormones derived from other sources. The reason your girlfriend is experiencing brown discharge is a result of the interaction of these hormones with the hormones her body is already producing. Her constant brown discharge is the result of a lack of estrogen, which are also contributing to several other issues she’s experiencing as well.
Estrogen controls a lot of things in the female body. Two of these things include tissue health and the building of the endometrium in the uterus. This is your problem. The fact that your girlfriend is experiencing semi-constant spotting suggests that your girlfriend’s body has developed an estrogen deficiency.
Drowning in Brown
Normally, estrogen tells a woman’s body to start rebuilding the endometrium after it’s been shed during menstruation. If estrogen levels don’t rise in a way that’s perceptible to the body, it won’t stop attempting to shed that lining, and won’t build a new lining. As estrogen levels fluctuate throughout the month, her body will grow, shed, grow, and shed multiple mini-linings resulting in the continuous brown discharge.
When Thinner Isn’t Better
The other issue here has to do with estrogen’s effect on vaginal and bladder tissues. Without proper estrogen, the tissues of the vagina, vulva, bladder, and urethra begin to thin. This leaves that entire area open to irritation and pain. It also reduces vaginal lubrication, creating even more pain. As your girlfriend’s estrogen levels dropped, her bladder and vaginal walls thinned, giving her an unbearable sensation of pain during intercourse, and creating the effect of interstitial cystitis in her bladder.
A Rejuvenating Recovery
To solve these problems, your girlfriend needs to soothe and heal the tissues of her bladder and vagina. I recommend this herbal formula, as its specific ingredients are designed to strengthen the walls and tissues of the vagina and bladder. (TRY: Herbal Relief Formula for Bladder Control) This remedy will restore health quickly to her, resulting in a girlfriend who’s once again interested in sex. She must also increase the levels of estrogen in her body, to begin rebuilding and replenishing those delicate areas from the inside out. Once her tissues have been rejuvenated, sex will no longer be the painful experience it is now.

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