Broken Dreams & Broken Penises – Make Penile Softness a Thing of the Past and Repair Your Member with Some Herbal Lovin’

Like many men, out friend here likes to walk on the wild side as far as sex is concerned. Everything was fine until he injured his penis and now he’s wondering how he can fix it…

Case #: 


My friends told me about this great website, Herbal Love. Right away, I noticed the title of your site and figured “yeah, I need some Herbal Love right about now!”
I’ve been engaging in some pretty crazy sex with an equally crazy sex partner. She likes me to do some way out stuff that I won’t detail here. Let’s just say that recently I rammed my penis the wrong way and I heard a crack. Now it’s all beaten up looking and can’t get hard anymore. It’s like a nightmare!
How can I remedy this situation?


“I don’t know…it all just seems a little too weird,” Travis was telling his friend Doug. “I mean, she’s hot and everything but—"
“Hey Travis, if you want me to change places with you I will. But seriously, you know what they say about the super-crazy ones; they’re really good in bed,” Doug said.
“I guess you’re right, I mean it’s not like she’s going to want to do that kind of thing all the time. That would be way too bizarre, right?”
“Who cares; just get in there and have some freaky fun,” Doug answered.
When Wild Goes Wrong
Travis felt little comfort after talking to Doug about his upcoming hook-up session with kinky girl Kelly, whom he met on an alternative sex website. He’d done some wild things here and there, nut nothing compared to what this woman had in mind. What if he disappeared or something? He wondered how long it would take for his friends to find his body.
The day of the sexual encounter arrived before Travis knew it, and his horniness and curiosity got the best of him. He drank a few beers in order to get up the courage for what Kelly had in store for him, and then left his house.
Kelly greeted Travis at her apartment with a big hug and kiss, which led to many more hugs and kisses. She went down on him and when he was sufficiently exited, she told him to get into his outfit. He put on a pair of shoulder pads and slipped on three cock rings while she lay back, spread her legs, and grasped a rope.
When Kelly gave the signal, she pulled the rope which was tied around her ankles by way of a ceiling mounted pulley. As her legs were thrust up and outward, Travis rushed her with his fully erect penis which was aimed at her open and waiting vagina.
He must have miscalculated and his member impacted just outside of her vaginal opening. He winced in pain and heard a sharp popping sound and looking down, saw his penis bent at an unnatural angle. He’d broken his junk!

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When Your Penis Goes Pop
Yes, stuff like this does happen to men every day, and injuries to your member can result in some unwanted sexual dysfunctions such as weakened erectile capacity. Blunt force trauma such as outlined above is the most common penile injury and not only does it hurt real bad, but it can result in severe bruising, torn tissues, and severed nerves.
Not only can you lose penile sensitivity, but the build-up of scar tissue can block proper blood circulation. When blood flow is inhibited and not enough of it is allowed to engorge your wiener, you can end up with a member which feels like a jello-filled balloon.
So how does one reverse this sad situation?
Bringing the Boner-Fairy Back
Many men are reporting that they’ve fully recovered from penile injuries by taking an all-natural healing solution. (TRY: ViaPal-hGH-D for Penis Injury Erection Restoration) These special restorative remedies are specially formulated to attack multiple sexual dysfunctions, including:
  • Repairing damaged penile tissues
  • Increasing seminal production
  • Providing nutrients to parasympathetic and penile nerves in order to help them heal
  • Boosting liver function for eradication of toxins throughout the body
  • Supplying your body with cGMP for enhanced arterial dilation and enhanced blood flow
In a few short months, men are saying that they’ve fully recovered their ability to produce proper hard-ons once again. Feel left out? You don’t have to; get your healing solution now and get back to optimal sexual health!

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ViaPal-hGH-D Penile Injury Remedy For Harder Erection Recovery

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