Boiling For Pleasure – Prostatitis Caused by Excessive Masturbation

This young man that has been masturbating chronically and has burned out his body. As a result, he is having problems with his prostate and is experiencing some unwanted side-effects. How does he solve these issues?

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I have read lots of information on your web site and thought you might be able to help me. Approximately 3 months ago I experienced what I'll refer to as a severe tickling sensation; out of the blue, in my lower groin area that has more or less stayed with me to date. The sensation at times has been so severe I feel as though I must urinate every few minutes even though there really isn't any urine. When I don't have the sensation, then I experience a stabbing pain into my right testicular area and not even feel an urge to go to urinate. On the subject of urination, I haven't had a "normal" urge to urinate since this ti 5me either. Thankfully no bed wetting. This problem has kept me awake at night, along with severe nighttime bed sweating. Erection is weak and semen seems less also. Have notice some "sticky clear fluid" leakage from time to time. These conditions seem to increase when sitting or doing something strenuous. I had a vasectomy over 2 years ago but didn’t experience any problems. Tests for UTI are negative, urodynamics reveal "unstable bladder" possibly due to nerve impingement. Since I've stopped jogging and been taking levofloxacin for the last 35 days to treat possible prostate infection (which is also not conclusive) the symptoms have minimized but they haven't gone away. Ejaculation has been an average once a day; based on what I've read on your site I am wondering if this is what is contributing to this problem. Quite frankly I'm in agony and not getting more than 4 hours a sleep a night doesn't help.


We humans typically take the sun for granted. We enjoy its rays, lie out and tan in it, call warm sunny days “good” weather days. But we rarely seem to really appreciate it. The sun provides us with life and even though you can go blind if you stare at it too long, it’s pretty much a good provider of everything that helps us survive.
Taken for Granted
What’s interesting is that scientists have determined that all stars die eventually; ours will someday as well. What will happen is that eventually it will burn through all its fusion fuel and stop converting hydrogen to helium. It will then expand and go through its red giant stage, and finally when it has burned through its modified fuel sources will finally die and become a gigantic super massive diamond called a white dwarf.
Your body also goes through a complex chain of chemical reactions every time you masturbate. Neurons fire down from your brain to your adrenal and hormonal glands and signal Mr. Happy that it’s play-time. Then your little fellow becomes engorged with blood for a proper erection.
However your excessive masturbatory habits are leading to a dangerous “burn-out” similar to a star. As you continue with your compulsive play-time you are burning through your body’s fuels, and the lack of recovery time has depleted many resources, including prostaglandin E-1. In addition to that, your seminal fluid production also decreases, causing a desperate attempt by your pituitary FSH and LH levels to spike upwards.
This is your body’s attempt to jumpstart your failing prostatic and testicular seminal production and results in you having hot flashes during the night. A possible prostate infection could also be contributing to all of these symptoms. So how do you get proper help?
Healing Fuel
First, you’ve got to be really disciplined about really wanting to affect positive change and break this destructive cycle of self-abuse. Keep checking with you doctor to ensure that you are not suffering from a bacterial prostate infection or anything else as severe. Stop masturbating completely for a while until your symptoms clear up.
There are certain powerful healing herbs that can greatly accelerate your healing process. (TRY: Natural Formula for Prostate Health Recovery) They can promote production of DHT, prostaglandin E-1, and E-3 which help to heal your prostate as well as take any inflammation and soreness away.
As a damaged or exhausted prostate is typically the hidden culprit behind other symptoms such as testicular pain, soft erections, urinary control, and impotence, these will also eventually disappear. These herbs can also help to put out the sympathetic nervous system fires which will alleviate your night time sessions of feeling like you’re an egg being boiled and you can return to a normal sex life and state of health. Nothing too it but to do it.

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