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Blurred Lines – Masturbation's Impact on Vision

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By Chris Scalise Conditions: Men's Over Masturbation Symptoms: blurred vision Age: 36 - 55

Chronic masturbation caused him to experience vision problems, and he's not alone in his struggle. Learn the shocking link, and see what you can do when everything starts to get blurry.

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I was in the military for 10 years. And before I enlisted, I masturbated quite often. In the military, you cannot masturbate whenever you feel like it—especially on the battlefield. You have to wait—often for long stretches of time--until you have some privacy. Like inside a foxhole or while on guard duty, or even while inside a Humvee (yes, I really masturbated inside a Humvee). Lots of guys masturbated inside of the Humvees; stay watch outside the base inside an armored Humvee and masturbating helped keep you alert—and alive. The soldiers in my battalion didn’t care if there were other men inside the Humvee; we were horny! But being the gentlemen we were, we kept rules: like no talking inside the Humvee during happy time. And now that I am home, I still masturbate—a lot. I do it so often that I fear my vision is being affected by my habit.


When forced to go long stretches of time without any kind of sexual release, a man tends to lose his mind. Frankly, we just weren't designed for celibacy, and if we had a “take it or leave it” attitude about sex, humanity would have died out long before the homo sapiens ever evolved from the homo erectus and Neanderthal (just a little anthropology lesson for you). But be warned, there are consequences to chronic masturbation, and some of them may surprise you. Some of these consequences are severe, some are painful, and some would appear to have absolutely nothing to do with your penis. Case in point: blurred vision.
Blurred Vision and Over-Masturbation
According to academic clinical research, God hates masturbators. Wait, no. That's not it. Actually, the answer is in the hormones. When you masturbate constantly, your body becomes subject to severe oxidative stress, which can gradually damage the inner layer of the eye, where the rods and cones are located. What's worse, your habit causes you deplete your supply of important chemicals like nitric oxide, acetylcholine and C3G phytochemicals, all of which are necessary to maintaining optimal vision.
At first, the problem may manifest itself in the form of subtle eye floaters, only noticeable in the right light. But over time, the floaters become more prominent, and your vision may actually become blurry. Before you know it, those pornographic videos just look like hazy blobs bouncing up and down. The change can be scary, but they're not irreversible. Since the problem is connected to chemical levels in your body, you usually don't need to worry about permanent retinal damage. The trick, though, is restoring your vision to what it was before you began your years-long masturbation bender.
I Was Blind but Now I See
Understandably, you want to restore your vision to its former high-def glory as quickly as possible, but you're not sure what to do. Aside from cutting back on the masturbation, I would recommend an herbal treatment formulated with Black Currant, Fo-Ti, Gotu Kola and Chinese White Ginseng. (SEE: Natural Solution for Eye Health Caused by Masturbation) Herbs like Black Currant will help you to restore your levels of C3G phytochemicals and key hormones, thereby strengthening your optical responses. The herbs won't give you 20/20 vision if you're naturally nearsighted, but they can help to reverse some of the damage caused specifically by over-masturbation. So take it easy on the ejaculation assembly line, and enjoy the simple wonders of sight.

What to do

Herbal Treatment For Eye Floaters & Blurred Vision

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martinlu posted on Fri, 08/04/2017 - 09:22
When I consulted doctor for eyesight problem he asked to refer one of the guide for eye exercise and Food method, I followed for few days, Now I am able to see anything without glass.
You can check the guide here  http://go2l.ink/eye 
Natural eyesight is good for health.
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