Birth Control Pills Caused Her to Develop Dark Brown Vaginal Discharge

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By Herballove Editorial Conditions: Women's Vaginal Discharge Causes: birth control pills Symptoms: spotting Age: 18 - 35

She has dark brown discharge, however she only had it for a few days, probably about the length of her regular period, after taking birth control pill over a month.

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I read one case study posted about a female with heavy brown discharge while taking her birth control pill. Well, I also have had the dark brown discharge too. I just had it for a few days, I would say, probably about the length of my regular period. This happened after only the first month of birth control.


It is likely your vaginal discharge was caused by your use of birth control medication.  Some vaginal discharge is normal and healthy for any woman, but if it has become heavy and brown, you're obviously suffering from an infection along with hormonal imbalance. 
Hormone-based birth control emulates a pregnancy state by flooding the brain with excessive progesterone, estrogen, or both of them, so that your brain will think you are pregnant and then temporary halt your ovarian function. This results in excessive progesterone or estrogen in the uterus and cervix without biofeedback regulation.
Progestin in hormone-based birth control generally causes a heavy vaginal discharge, due to the over-stimulation of the cervix by excessive progesterone. The imbalance of hormones will make uterine lining thinner and result in frequent abrasion resulting in spotting. When the spotting blood is oxidized, the resulting vaginal discharge becomes dark black or brown, depending on the quantity of the spotting blood and the duration it was trapped inside. 
For many women that have taken birth control medication for very long period of time the hormones will accumulate in various organs and liver will work extra hard to degrade and expel them. When the liver fails to detoxify the excessive hormones and to fully support the synthesis of the neurotransmitters dopamine, acetylcholine and serotonin, you may suffer from various hormone-related problems from mood swings to depression and from low libido and various orgasmic dysfunctions.
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