Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Her Husband’s Weight Gain Means a Smaller Penis, and She’s Not Happy With the Change

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This woman married what she considered to be the perfect male specimen. Now, several years later, he’s packed on more than a few pounds and isn’t as attractive as before. Even worse, his penis seems to shrink as his belly grows. The husband she loves is hidden in there somewhere, and she’s determined to find him.

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Please help! My husband has steadily gained weight for the last few years and is now about 300 pounds. He’s tall – 6 feet, 2 inches – but not tall enough to offset the weight gain. When we first met, he was strong and buff, just the way I like men. Now he’s all flab, and I’m worried about his health. We’re also having problems with sex. His penis seems to be shrinking as he continues to gain weight. I can’t feel him as well as I once did when we make love. Do you have any advice? I want my husband back!


Does the penis shrink? This question seems to be on the minds of many males, and they’re not asking to be flip. A genuine concern for men of all ages, the penis seems to be an organ that is here one day and gone the next.
Penis Shrinkage Facts
We hate to bear bad news, but the penis does in fact shrink. It’s a gradual process that slowly accumulates over many years. For instance, a man may lose up to one inch by age 60. This shrinkage comes naturally with age, and although nobody likes to think of growing old, the fear of losing a full inch causes some men to evaluate their sexual lifestyles now. Are they eating right, exercising enough and generally taking care of themselves in a way that promotes penis health?
A man’s weight also influences penis health, particularly when he’s gained a few pounds. Abdominal fat is the worst because it causes the pubic mound, that part of the body at the base of the penis, to also grow. With as little as 10 extra pounds, a man’s penis can “appear” to shrink.
You read correctly – the penis looks smaller as a man’s waist becomes bigger. This process starts at the penis base. If the stomach grows large enough, most of the penis can be obscured until little more than the head shows.

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The Sex Factor
With weight gain, a man doesn’t undergo real penis shrinkage. He does, however, lose crucial muscle tone until your eyes perceive his penis as shrinking. If seeing is believing, it’s no wonder you think a disappearing act is underway.
What we see influences what we feel. This partly explains why you no longer enjoy your husband’s penis during sex. You think it’s smaller, so you expect it to be as such when he’s inside you.
But weight gain creates more than a psychological problem. During sex, your husband can no longer reach you the way he once did because of belly fat. Those pounds can’t be pushed out of the way or moved while the two of you make love. As a result, you can’t enjoy the full length of his penis.
The other obstacle posed by weight gain is loss of testosterone. Fat blocks the body’s production and absorption of this crucial hormone. Sexually, this means your husband’s erections won’t be as hard, his performance won’t be as keen, and his libido won’t be as high as it should be.
Stop the Disappearing Act
If you want your husband back, you need to help him lose weight. Be honest – tell him how you feel and express your concerns. Then remind him that dropping the pounds will help him regain his penis length. Also suggest he take an herbal blend designed to improve metabolism. We’re not talking about a diet aid, but a botanical remedy to cleanse his body of toxins, balance hormones and provide nutrients to penile tissues. (SEE: Penile Size Increase with Increase Metabolism Speed)
Can a botanical blend really do all of this? The answer is yes, as long as you select one with the ingredients to help your husband recover from weight-induced penis shrinkage. A healthy, effective option is Size It Up With Natural Fuel – OverSize & Passion Dinosaur. This formula not only increases metabolism but also amps up the body’s natural production of testosterone. Your husband will notice sustained growth in penile length and width. You’ll notice his harder erections and greater passion during sex. With a renewed connection in bed, he’ll be more inclined to lose weight and return to the body you miss.

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