Bigger Breasts Might Bring Her More Male Attention

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She has two busty friends who get all the male attention when they go out. She feels she’s prettier, but she cannot compete with their shapely curves. To garner some interest of her own – and to boost her confidence – she wants to increase her cup size.

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Two of my friends are very big-breasted, and we can’t go anywhere without them being hit on by guys. Honestly, I’m probably a little prettier than them, but I have small breasts. I’m starting to think about upping my B-cups to Ds because, quite honestly, I’d like the same attention. I really don’t want to do surgery, but can you honestly get the same results with herbs?


Women are their own worst critics because they always want what they can’t have. Those with curly hair want straight, and women with small breasts want larger. But breast size is not a mere matter of vanity; a woman’s self-esteem depends on how she feels about herself, and if you’re not happy with your body, it will clearly show. The delicate subject of breast augmentation must therefore be addressed with care.
Explaining Breast Size
Breasts are as fascinating as they are mysterious. To illustrate, researchers do not completely understand why some women are A-cups and others are D-cups. Obvious factors that influence size include age, genetics and weight. Diet, menstruation and pregnancy also come into play. As you can see, women have little control over most of these variables.
But breasts aren’t just about size – they play critical roles in society that influence everything from media reports and artistic expression to books and designer swimwear. Breasts are perceived as maternal and sexual, taboo and beautiful, sinful and bountiful. It is no wonder that so much focus is given to their appearance, or that so many strive to have the perfect breasts in terms of shape and size. 
Warning against Cosmetic Surgery
You are absolutely justified in wanting to increase your bust, but cosmetic surgery should be a last resort. Breast augmentation, the most popular of all evasive surgery procedures, comes with unprecedented risks. Many of these risks – including breast pain, loss of sensation in the nipple area and breast asymmetry – change you in ways that are both physical and emotional. Some women who are unhappy with the results of their procedures even fall victim to depression. Breast implants also pose serious dangers: blood or fluid may collect around the implant and require additional surgery, or toxic shock may cause infection. 
You should be aware that breast augmentation does not guarantee more male attention, meaning you might be disappointed with the results. It is therefore important that you increase your breast size for you, not for unrealistic expectations. A bigger bust will help you look sexier in your clothes and feel better about your body – these are the reasons you should want to enhance your bust. In turn, when you go out with your friends, the confidence you exude will draw people to you. 
Do it the Natural Way
Natural remedies probably won’t add three cups to your breast size, but with time they can help you gain several inches. Start with targeted exercises to help your breasts appear fuller. Chest lifts and presses improve muscle definition, while upper-body stretches build and tone muscle mass. The combined effects of exercise and stretching will help your breasts look plump and healthy. 
You should also use a hormone-free herbal supplement with ingredients that promote breast growth (SEE: Natural Ways For Bigger Breast Growth). Fennel seed naturally enhances the appearance of breasts, dong quai balances hormones and improves blood circulation and blessed thistle stimulates breast development. A supplement that contains these and other ingredients – when taken as directed – can help you achieve the curvy, womanly figure you desire.

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