The Big Squeeze – Shrink that Swollen Prostate Back Down and Eliminate Incontinence with Herbal Power

A man is noticing some pain in discomfort not only in his pee-pee but also deeper within his bladder. He wants to avoid traditional medications and is seeking a natural solution…

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Hi – I’m 31 years old and I have a pretty healthy lifestyle. The only thing is that lately I’ve been having to urinate a lot. I can also feel some discomfort in my bladder and sometimes my pee hurts a little bit.
My friend is a doctor and says that I probably have an enlarged prostate. Is there a natural remedy for this issue?


Back in my fitness trainer/nutritionist days, I took on droves of clients who had different goals for themselves. Many older people wanted to look and feel younger, while some wanted to lose weight in order to not be as prone to diseases. Others were younger and wanted to be more athletic for purely vain reasons, and there were also some that wanted to get ready for a particular sport, such as football and track.
The most common theme however, was just to lose body fat.

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An Explosive Event
One gentleman (whom I won’t name in order to spare him embarrassment) who was referred to me, was one such individual who wanted to lose weight, and badly. He’d ballooned up to 300 lbs. had high blood pressure/pre-diabetes, and had decided that he was finally going to do something about it.
After a year, I’d helped him get down to 215 lbs. which was no small feat. But let’s rewind a bit – After only about a month of training (he was still quite heavy), he’d taken a fancy to exercise balls. You know, the kind you sit on to do crunches, etc. I advised him that he wasn’t ready to try one yet and he seemed to agree with me.
However, one time I came into work and I saw him in the back just about to lay his large rear end onto one of the exercise balls. It seemed like I was moving in slow motion as I tried to run to the back of the gym in order to stop him. He ended up flopping down on the ball which caused it to pop its cork. There was a large explosive sound and he instead landed onto the floor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so embarrassed as he was then.
Pain & Misery
Similarly, men can become embarrassed in public situations by having to go to the bathroom too frequently (incontinence). Just as our heavy friend put too much weight onto a comparatively fragile exercise ball, as men age (and many gain body fat), the size of their prostate grows.
As man’s prostate increases in size, it can begin to bully into his bladder’s territory. Since your bladder doesn’t expand back, it gets increasingly pressured into expelling what’s contained within it: urine.
Meanwhile, a protein called kinase C can over-produce, causing inflammation. This makes those now more frequent urinations painful as well. Ouch!
Bounce Back with Botanicals
Men seeking relief from symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate have been finding success by taking all-natural herbal remedies. (TRY: Saw Palmetto & Pygeum Combo for Urinary Symptoms Relief) Those containing Pygeum and Saw Palmetto in particular, have been found to reduce prostate size as well as eliminate the proliferation of kinase C.
These powerful mixtures can also help to:
  • Put an end to urine dribbling and leakage
  • Halt waking up to urinate (nocturia)
  • Lesson intense straining while urinating
  • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles
All of these factors can contribute to going to the bathroom less while making each time that you do less stressful, and painful. So reach for your botanical solution to an enlarged prostate and avoid potentially embarrassing (as well as discomforting) situations the all-natural way!



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