Beware the Opioid: How Painkillers Can Dull Your Vaginal Sensitivity

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By Erin Maes Conditions: Women's Vaginal Insensitivity Symptoms: orgasm dysfunction Age: 36 - 55

As she gradually recovers after a serious car accident, a woman takes prescription medications for pelvic pain, only to find that the drugs have diminished her clitoral sensation along with the pain.

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When I was 29, I was involved in a major car accident. My doctors said I had less than a 10 percent chance of ever walking again. After months of rehab, I took my first steps. While I am thankful to be walking, the accident left my body dilapidated. I found it hard to walk for long periods, and I experienced intense pain near my pelvic area. My doctors said this pain was normal, and with a few pain pills, the issue would disappear.
After a few weeks, the pain did disappear. But with the pain, my vaginal sensitivity disappeared as well. I noticed I could no longer orgasm via my clitoris. I tried and tried with my boyfriend, but I experienced very little stimulation. Now I am worried that the painkillers ruined my sensitivity. What’s happening to me?


It is possible that you were prescribed a type of pain medication that changed the androgen ratios in your body, ratios that cause sexual side effects. A number of prescription drugs can alter the balance of hormones that regulate sexual function and arousal.
For example, birth control pills and other hormonal birth control methods are an increasingly well-known cause of sexual problems in women, since they work by flooding the endocrine system with excess estrogen and progesterone. Other types of prescription medications, including certain antidepressants, high blood pressure drugs, and cholesterol drugs, can also have a dampening effect on your sex life. Unfortunately, some kinds of pain medications, particularly opioids, are also included on this list.
Pain Medications and Androgen Levels
Although estrogen and progesterone play important roles in the health and function of the female sex organs, they are not the only hormone types in the complex chemistry that regulates the human body. Testosterone is also important for a healthy sex life. Some pain medications actually bind testosterone, which is required to initiate and to maintain normal vaginal lubrication and arousal during sex.
Although testosterone is generally thought of as a male hormone, women with insufficient testosterone in their bodies may suffer from a variety of sexual problems. These issues include reduced clitoral sensation, intercourse pain from inadequate lubrication, inflammatory symptoms from unsuccessful clitoral stimulation, delayed or absent orgasms and decreased libido. In fact, certain opioid painkillers delay orgasms so effectively that they are sometimes prescribed to help men control premature ejaculation problems.

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How to Revive your Clitoral Sensitivity
If you still need the painkillers for pelvic pain, I would recommend that you talk to your doctor about the sexual problems you are experiencing and explain why you think it's the pain meds. He or she may be able to lower your dosage or prescribe a different medication that also works but causes you fewer side effects.
After you are able to stop taking your current painkillers, you may find that normal clitoral sensitivity returns in a matter of days. It's also possible that a residual buildup has developed in your system from weeks of taking the medication, which could take longer to clear out naturally. Several varieties of medicinal herbs are available to help you regain clitoral function as quickly as possible. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Vaginal & Cliotral Regeneration for Orgasms)
Please be sure to tell your doctor about any herbal supplements you intend to take alongside other medications, since some combinations of drugs and herbal agents can cause interaction effects.

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