The Bald and the Impotent – Are Hair Loss Drugs Killing Your Mojo?

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Hair loss drugs were weakening his erections and killing his sex drive. But could there also be more to the story? Learn the facts.

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I have been taking Finasteride for about a total or 3 months and noticed that I haven’t been hard as I use to be. Sometimes I lose it and won’t come back. I have stopped taking Finasteride and it’s been a couple of months and nothing has changed. I was never like this and it’s really stressful that I can’t perform like I use to. I rather not have sex and save myself the embarrassment. Is this something you can help me out with or should I go see my doctor?


As it turns out, there is a dark side to those popular baldness drugs. It's kind of a cruel twist of fate when you think about it. I mean, what's the point of growing hair like a rock star if you can't party like one?
The link between these drugs and erectile dysfunction is well documented, and in fact, the Food and Drug Administration has warned that the link is more serious than previously thought. Male pattern baldness is one thing, but male pattern impotence can seriously ruin your whole day.
The Hard Science of Your Soft Penis 
The problem stems from finasteride, the main ingredient of your hair loss drug. Research shows that finasteride actually reduces male hormone activity, and the problem is so prevalent that these hair loss drugs are now required to post labels warnings about the potential for sexual dysfunction. Without a healthy dose of sex hormones like testosterone and DHEA, your penis is going to be about as useless as a blow dryer on a bald head (sorry about that).
What's worse, the labels actually warn that the side effects “may continue for some time after men stop using the drug.” So it's not always enough to simply send the drug down to the fiery pits of hell. Sometimes the consequences can linger, but sometimes there may be even more to the story.
Though you've been off the drug for more than 2 months, it sounds like your hormone supply has yet to replenish itself. Again, this may be a natural side effect, but we should also address the other possible factors that may be in play. Do you have a history of prostate enlargement? Or do you masturbate frequently (this can contribute to prostate problems)?
Erectile problems can often be characteristic of prostate inflammation. Ultimately, you'll want to pursue a solution that addresses prostate health and removes accumulated toxins while supplying your reproductive and endocrine systems with the necessary hormones for healthy sexual function.

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There are a number of herbs that can help restore your sexual health. (SEE: Erectile Rejuvanation caused by Prostate Problems) For instance, Dianthus and Quercetin promote overall prostate health, while Ophiopogon and Rehmanni detoxify the body and Cnidium restores healthy hormones. Try taking a botanical supplement that contains these and similar herbs, and see how quickly your penis starts to feel like its old self again.

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Botanical Prostate Rejuvenation & Detox For Erectile Problems

The major factor behind the prostate gland uncontrollable growth is due to excessive amount of DHT (Dihydrotesterone). If you want to remove the excess build up of DHT, this formula may be right for you. Read more
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