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Bad Blood – Blood Found in Semen

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Over Masturbation Prostatitis Symptoms: blood in semen Age: 36 - 55

This case study details a man who has discovered, much to his horror that blood is coming out in his semen. Could excessive masturbation be to blame for this disquieting symptom? Let’s find out…

Case #: 


I have been masturbating for some time and have seen blood stains in my semen. It just started lately for a couple of times. I am worried about it, especially for marriage and sex life. I came across your website and found some scary info, like potential prostate problems developing due to excessive PGE-2 and lack of PGE-1. I should mention that I am currently under the tension of final exams, if this is relevant to this symptom...!


Ah, yes. Final exams. The stress, the importance; the horror! After copious amounts of procrastination, many students go for that final push, cramming all that knowledge into their heads in order to be as prepared as they can for a very serious matter, or series of matters, that will have a big influence on their futures. And what has your mind program itself to do in the event of stressful situations such as these?

This is Bloody Shocking!
Why of course in engage in what has become a habitual practice for you: masturbation. After ejaculation when those neurochemicals have been released, there is a sense of inner peace. Suddenly, life doesn’t seem so tension filled anymore. 
But what happens when you come to rely on this primal exercise in relief a little too much? Try to think of semen as a combination of fluids, called ejaculate, that flow from numerous tanks within your prostate.

As sperm travels through these tubes, these fluids join it, and combined, they travel to the penile shaft for its final blast off and that good old feeling. You are correct; Excessive Prostaglandin E1 provides elasticity to your blood vessels and relaxes your muscle fibers, and Excessive Prostaglandin E2 are the bad guys that shows up when you haven’t given your body proper rest in between your masturbatory sessions.

Your excessive masturbation has led to tiny ruptures in blood vessels in your reproductive areas, resulting in blood leaking into your semen. The build-up of Prostaglandin E2 in your body has incapacitated your body’s natural healing mechanisms. In addition to this, your stress and anxiety has increased your blood pressure, further straining your blood vessels. So how do we fix this serious problem?
Taking Action
First, consult your physician. Blood in your semen can be a serious matter, so get diagnosed to see what some of the underlying causes are. While you’re waiting on the results it would be wise to take a 3 week break from masturbating altogether. This will allow your body to naturally start to heal itself since it has been overtaxed by your chronic masturbation.

Treat yourself to some healthy foods such as blueberries, which have both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to enhancing your blood vessels’ elasticity.  Naturally, your stress levels will decrease, and you’ll probably be finished with your finals after this rest time.
If it’s been determined that there aren’t any more serious underlying causes for the blood in your semen, then we’ll have to assume that abusive masturbation is the culprit. Taking a natural healing supplement [TRY: powerful prostate care supplement for active lifestyle] can to help speed up your recovery process greatly, as they can help to repair those ruptured blood vessels.

Not only that, but these botanicals contain specialized phytochemicals which have their own natural anti-inflammatory properties, and can reduce your body’s Prostaglandin E2 build-up. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling better, and the blood in your semen will start to dissipate. Here’s to you and your recovery!

What to do

Powerful Prostate Care Supplements For Active Lifestyle

If you notice blood in your semen, experience pain after ejaculating or notice a slow urine stream, your issues may be caused by abusive masturbation that has elevated your prostaglandin E-2 levels. Improve your health today! Read more
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