BACKFIRE – Retrograde Ejaculation Caused by Diabetes

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Lorraine is a “51 years young,” and her sexual relations with her partner have stopped. His diabetes has interrupted their full sexual experience because his semen shoots into his bladder instead of naturally exiting from his penis. Ever have this problem? The solution lies ahead.

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Hi my name is Lorraine. I'm 51 years young, and I live in western Australia. I have been seeing a man who has diabetes, which he has had since the age of 2. The problem is that he does not release any sperm; the liquid instead releases into his bladder rather than out his penis. What’s the problem?


Loss of a Full Sexual Life
Sex is a big factor in a relationship. It’s a symbol of how much you know about your man and him of you. Everybody desires to have a fulfilling sexual experience with his or her significant other. Your partner’s sexual ability is obviously a major part of that experience. If it’s inhibited, you might feel cheated, as well as letdown, and many times this issue can cause tension and disharmony within a relationship. So what is really the problem here?
Your partner has diabetes, and his high blood pressure has caused damage to the nerve fibers and neuromuscular endings, the tiny spaces that join his nerve endings and muscle tissue. In more advanced instances, some patients lose their fingers or toes due to the death of the nerves.

His sphincter and bladder-urethral nerves, including the parasympathetic circuits, are not closing his bladder outlet during sexual climax, causing his semen fluid to shoot backward into his bladder. This is known as Retrograde Ejaculation, or “Dry Orgasms.”  So how do we rectify the problem?
Reversing the Reversal
First, you’ll want your partner to speak to his doctor about his diabetes medication in order to find out about common side effects caused by his specific prescription(s). If you aren’t already, talk to him in a supportive and reinforcing manner; men can take a big hit to their egos as a result of seeming “less manly” because of issues related to impotence.
Suggest taking a natural herbal formula to him. Natural botanical mixtures, unlike prescription-grade drugs, have zero side effects, but also reduce the harmful side effects of more traditional medications (See: Retrograde Ejaculation Solution)

They can also regenerate his bladder-urethral, sphincter, and ejaculatory nerves that have been damaged by diabetes. So let’s get him back on the road to recovery. And remember that diabetes doesn’t have to ruin a full sexual experience, see it more as a temporary hiccup that can be remedied, safely and holistically.

What to do

Retrograde Ejaculation Solution

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