Baby, We Need a Baby: His Wife Wants a Pregnancy, but They Can’t Start a Family until He Improves His Erections

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His wife is unhappy because she’s not yet pregnant. She believes the culprit is his semi-hard erections and is quick to voice her opinion. He’s battled this problem his whole adult life but now needs a change. If he doesn’t improve his hard-ons, he fears he’ll soon be in divorce court.

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My wife and I are trying to get pregnant without much luck. She blames me because my erections are never fully hard. I’ve dealt my whole life with only getting semi-hard, and she knew all about my struggles when we got married. She was fine with my anatomy before we started trying for a baby. But now nothing I do or say pleases her, especially when we have sex. I need to achieve harder erections to say my marriage. Otherwise, I’m afraid she’s going to leave me.


Your wife has cause for concern. The inability to get hard can impair sperm quantity and mobility. This means even if you ejaculate, a soft erection may not be sufficient to push the sperm from your body to your wife’s. In addition, the number of sperm may not be sufficient because your ejaculate is in small quantity. The good news is these problems can be fixed with a little tweaking to give you and your wife can have the family you desire.
Those Dreaded Words: Weak Erections
Weak erections are often unsustainable – you can go from semi-soft to completely soft even in the middle of sex. This spells relationship trouble on a number of levels, including frustration, lack of sexual satisfaction and the loss of intimacy. You said your wife was mindful of your condition before you married, and it’s nice to know she loves you as you are. But you never needed to settle for weak erections in the first place.
We imagine up to this point you’ve been too embarrassed to complacent to ask for erection help. You’re not alone in these feelings. Health care providers estimate one in 20 men seeks treatment for what they perceive as penis shortcoming. Erection problems, however, shouldn’t be considered shortcomings; many men simply lack the muscle and tissue strength necessary for a solid erection.

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The Nature of Getting Hard
An erection seems like a simple, natural male response, and in many ways it is. The penis grows in response to a beautiful person, fast car or sexual stimulation. Easy enough, right? But a man doesn’t get hard by chance. The penis needs complete health, including strong blood flow that fills its many veins and nourishes its tissues. When you think about it, this makes sense. An erection, after all, results when the penis closes its veins and arteries then refills with blood that does not escape. The result is a firm and rigid hard-on.
Without the proper blood flow, a man will experience limp erections and even premature ejaculations. Almost 90 percent of weak erections occur because the penis’s tissues have lost elasticity and flexibility. In young men, the penis likely never had these qualities and therefore cannot expand to trap blood. Neither a healthy heart nor strong veins will compensate.
Why a Full Erection is Important
Men always want bigger, harder penises. Have you ever wondered why? Sure, a big penis is a source of pride, but humans are wired for procreation. A hard erection facilitates this by promoting a woman’s chances for pregnancy.
If you needed another reason to improve your anatomy, firm erections provide more satisfaction in bed. They create more friction inside the vagina and increase the likelihood of orgasm for men and women. Interestingly, firmer erections also equate to more powerful male climaxes. It seems you’ve only been living to half potential by allowing your erections to lag.
A Simple Secret for Men
What is the way to bigger, firmer erections? In a word, jelqing. It sounds strange on the tongue, but this simple technique builds muscle strength in the penis to improve erection quality.
Jelqing can be performed with six easy, repeatable steps. You wrap your forefinger and thumb around your penis at the base and apply pressure as you stroke down to the head. (TRY: Jelqing for Weak Erection Improvement) The idea is to force as much blood as possible into the penis to oxygenate the muscles and tissues. This will improve their strength and allow you to enjoy the benefits of harder erections – which may include getting your wife pregnant.

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Jelqing Technique for Weak Erections

Jelqing is designed to help improve erection quality for men with weak, unsustainable erections. Read more
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