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My girlfriend was always on top… One day I started to notice a purple vein in my penis… I could not get an erection…

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I am 23 years old. I have some sort of vascular problem with my penis. My girlfriend liked to ride my hard penis, so she was always on top. Most of the time, everything was great. She learned to contract her vagina when I penetrated her. Three weeks ago, I noticed a purple vein forming in my penis. Then two weeks ago, when I was going to have sex with my girlfriend, I could not get an erection and haven’t been able to get one since.


Sorry to hear your story. When performing the woman-on-the-top position, the man must have a hard erection. She may ride wildly, writhing in pleasure. The penis must hold an unbendable erection to insure its in-and-out motion during the session. When the penis is not hard enough, it cannot keep straight alignment with her vagina and won't enter her as she thrusts in. As a result, her pubis will smash the lower or central section of the penis and injure it.
The women-on-top position is dangerous for men with a soft or weak penis. Most men don’t know to apply ice as treatment when their penis is cracked or fractured and they ignore it - until erection problems occur! Take herbs from Herbal Remedy For Penile Fibrotic Tissue Damage & Curvature to aid the healing process and restore a strong erection.

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Herbal Remedy For Penile Fibrotic Tissue Damage & Curvature

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Burhan Ozel's picture
Burhan Ozel posted on Wed, 01/23/2013 - 09:31
This exact thing happened to my penis. I thought I was a rare case. I am glad I wasn't like that.
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