Are You The Fetish I've Been Waiting For? Finding the Proper Fetish Books

It may seem a little surprising to some, but a lot of people enjoy a bit of kink mixed into their sex lives. It's not an uncommon thing for humans to develop certain fetishes over time, and they should be explored.

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Lately, my wife has been pretty transfixed with my feet. I think somewhere along the way, she may have developed some sort of foot fetish. I want to help her out, but I wouldn't even know where to begin. Please help!


A few months ago, my boyfriend realized that he had a fetish for masks. I'm not talking about any kind of creepy Halloween mask, more of the kind of delicate looking thing you might see on a lady at a masquerade ball. This definitely piqued my interested. Not only because of what the fetish was, but also because of how it came as such a surprising realization to my boyfriend as well.
Endless Possibilities
He just couldn't seem to understand why he had never thought of such a thing before, and then all-of-a-sudden he had this out of the ordinary attraction. I think a lot of fetishes are discovered that way. It's not really something you set out, or work on trying to get into, it just kind of happens upon you.

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The Masquerade
Needless to say, I have all kinds of masks now. My personal closet looks like the phantom of the opera keeps his things there part time, when he's not dwelling in the depths of a theater. Once I knew that my man had a fetish, I ran with it. I even went as far as to take him to a specialized costume store that made a lot of intricate looking masks. He had a field day, picking out different designs for me to try on.
My theory on fetishes is, as long as it involves consenting adults only, and you aren't hurting anybody, just go for it! However, you must do your research.
Hit The Books
When we first started to experiment with his newly found fetish, I only felt comfortable starting out slow. I read up on certain aspects of the specific fetish, and where its origin came from. I also asked a lot of questions, mostly from my partner. I really wanted to understand where this was all coming from. Surprisingly, the self exploration that he did brought us even closer.
As I mentioned, I wanted to start slow, so to begin I just went out to one of the local adult stores and got a tiny little lace mask that just covered my eyes. It was actually quite chic. I honestly believe that if that was where my efforts ended, my boyfriend would still be pleased as punch. The first night that I came into our bedroom with that little scrap of lace across my eyes, my man went bonkers. A word to the wise, lay down on the bed first and then put the mask on. It's hard to make a dramatically sexy entrance when you can't see, and keep bumping into things.
For anyone out there that is interested in indulging in their own fantasies, or maybe you have a partner who has expressed a want to broaden their sexual horizons, I would urge you to first do your research. There are a multitude of specialized fetish books out there that can help you, just waiting to be read. (SEE: Guide for The Right Fetish Books) The possibilities of your sex lives are endless, you just need to discover them.


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