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By Sasha Johnson Conditions: Women's Orgasm Difficulty Symptoms: mood swings Age: 18 - 35

Learn about a woman who feels that her orgasms may be too hot to handle.

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I was on top of my lover when I began to feel this overwhelming feeling of warmth throughout my body. I began moaning and the emotions heighten even more, to the point where I started crying. I thought something was wrong with me. This has happened before but not during sex, and I had all my clothes on. My emotions were getting strong. I guess I have the regular responses in orgasms where the clitoris is stroked and heightened but not like this. Maybe I try to control myself from letting go and showing all my emotions and that's why this happens. I feel vulnerable when this happens. I don't tell my boyfriend this but I do. I don't like showing my emotions to that degree, but that night it happened and it felt so good. I was embarrassed afterward. Why does this happen? Is something wrong?


As a sexual being, I can honestly say that an orgasm is probably one of the best physical feelings one could possibly ever have. I'm proud to say that I too, have experienced one of those extra intense orgasms that shatter the brain for one glorious moment. Any man that can give you an orgasm that can bring you to tears is definitely a man worth keeping.
A Natural Part Of Life
What you're experiencing is actually completely normal. There's really no saying how much orgasm intensity is too much, unless it's actually causing you pain. What's normal, in that respect, may only be determined by the woman having the orgasm.
It's Really Up To You
In all honesty, being able to share your emotions with your sexual partner is one of the greatest joys of sex there is. I personally love it when my love making reaches new heights of intimacy, because I feel that it shows that we are growing as a couple. You shouldn't be embarrassed if these emotions happen to bubble up sometimes. Great sex can sometimes evoke strong feelings because intercourse is essentially you and your partner at each other’s most vulnerable.
My biggest concern in this case is the fact that you don't feel particularly comfortable expressing those emotions. Because of this I would most definitely suggest some self exploration on the subject.
Hormonal Imbalance
If you feel that these sudden overwhelming emotions have not always caused you problems during sex, and that this is a new development that may actually be the effects of mood swings, then that's a different story. In that case, an easily fixable hormonal imbalance could be the root of the problem.
Natural herbs such as Wild Yam, Dong Quia, and Pueraria Mirifica are great mood eveners. (SEE: Menopausal Mood Stabilizer Formula) They are generally used by women who wish for a smooth sail through menopause. These herbs are great for that because of the calming affect they have on the nervous system. This will help to relieve tension and anxiety, dissipate menstrual cramping, and relieve symptoms related to menopause. The mentioned herbs will also make sure that the proper amount of blood flow is reaching all of the reproductive organs.
You may also try some light meditation before sex, just to get yourself centered and in the right frame of mind. This will help you to have better control over your emotions during sexual encounters.

What to do

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