ANTI-CLIMAX – Problems Associated With Excessive Masturbation

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Premature Ejaculation Causes: weak parasympathetic nerves Age: 18 - 35

This fascinating case involves a gentleman that has been engaging in chronic masturbation for over 20 years. This has resulted in having soft erections and not being able to control his ejaculations. How can he overcome these unwanted side-effects?

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I am a 32 year old man and have been masturbating as long as I can remember. Maybe when I was 10 years or so I started masturbating. I did this sometimes maybe four times a day. In the past four years I have been experiencing totally weak erection, cannot maintain an erection, and presently it’s even difficult to have an erection and sometimes I feel like I got no penis.
I recently had veins all over my penis and morning wood is a frequent thing to me almost on a daily basis. I might be equally experiencing shrinkage in my penis and quick ejaculations whenever the penis dare erects. Sometimes I even feel like I’m having a sperm flow with the lightest erection.
I`m totally confused and I need this to be fixed as am at the verge of losing the lone girl in my life who seems like she can`t take this anymore.


I remember those days as a youth when I’d go to the local movie theater all by myself. I recall that first feeling of excitement upon hearing about some film that just came out (my thing was horror flicks), and getting all ready to head down to the theater. After paying for a ticket, I’d excitedly make a dash for the popcorn, candy, and refreshment vendor, purchase what I needed to, and scramble off to those two swinging theater doors. Then I’d plop myself down in one of those old squeaky chairs and delight at all of the sticky goo sticking to my shoe soles. I’d sit there in an aura of anticipation while listening to the murmurs of the audience, while munching on greasy popcorn and sipping on refreshment. 
Snap Goes the Weasel
Finally, my heart would flutter as the lights started to dim and the sound kicked in, booming throughout the theater and silencing my fellow movie goers. Here we go! I’d tell myself as the first frames of the film appeared across the silver screen. And then “screeeech!” the screen would flicker off and on, and then go white. What the—? The actual film in the projector snapped in half, BIG BUZZKILL! And this letdown happened more than once.
Now let’s imagine that during the beginning of your masturbatory timeline; you’d arrive at your local theater all pumped up (i.e. getting hard and ready), and then you’d watch a movie from the beginning all the way through to its final climatic frames. As you continued with your excessive masturbation, sometimes the projector would have some issue, leading to an anti-climax (early ejaculation), and the movies themselves became more watered down and boring (soft erections). As time wore on, you started to find that more often than not, you’d be attending boring films, and if that weren’t enough, the projector would usually fail, ending in things not being nearly as fun as they used to be. 
Now let’s look at your body as the projector and the tiny little intricate machinery within it as your body’s sex hormones, such as dopamine, serotonin, and HGH. Over-using your projector and attempting to show too many films has resulted in wearing out your body and its hormones. Not only this, but the neurotransmitters that fire back and forth from your brain to Mr. Happy no longer contain the same spark that they once did, resulting in weak connections, and hence not much arousal. How do we get beyond this?
No-Time to Showtime
First, let’s drop off your worn-out projector at a machine shop for some fixing up. Allow your body a few weeks of no sexual activity; yes, no sex and no masturbation. This may seem hard in the beginning, but it will really help you in the long run. Your body will start to replace its lost sex hormones, as well as begin to balance your hormonal levels.
While your body’s in the shop, taking a natural herbal formula can only help to accelerate your fixing up time table, and since they are all natural, there are no harmful or unhealthy side-effects. (TRY: Climax Control Remedy) These ancient remedies will help to repair your damaged parasympathetic nervous system, which controls the valves that hold your semen in check. They can also boost your blood circulation, leading to harder erections and a larger penis. This will enable you to get back to having a functioning projector that allows you to watch those thrilling blockbusters every time out, with no mechanical failures!

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