Am I The Victim of Male Menopause?

He suffers from serve premature ejaculation problems. He also suffers from back problems. During sexual activity, he ejaculates within 30 seconds.

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I, like most individuals, enjoy my sexual lifestyle. However, my sexual life continues to be stymied by my incessant premature ejaculation. My problem is so bad that I cannot last more than 30 seconds. P.E. aside, I feel moody for no reason. I experience intense back problems, and I suffer from headaches and weak erections.

Premature ejaculation is causing a slew of marital problems, too. My wife is unsatisfied. She remains mum about the problem, but I know her frustrations continue to mount. I cannot blame her. I too would be upset if I were unable to release pent up sexual frustration. I want to regain my confidence, stamina, and satisfaction. I feel as if I may be suffering from male menopause. Please, tell me what’s wrong with me!


P.E., moodiness, and erectile dysfunction seem like typical symptoms of male menopause; however, a medical expert will need to conduct a blood test to determine your hormone levels. Male menopause, a condition caused by a testosterone imbalance, typically occurs to men ages 45 and above. Not all males suffer from the condition; however, those who do may exhibit only a few symptoms.

Why Me!
Male menopause affects a select few. Men who experience a sudden dearth in testosterone production often experience weak erection, premature ejaculation, fatigue, lower-back pain, and moodiness. In your case, you mentioned moodiness, back pain, and premature ejaculation as the main problems. Your problems are caused by several reasons, such as:
  • Lack of DHEA and testosterone to the brain’s hormone receptors. Without either DHEA or testosterone, the body cannot produce an effective erection.
  • A weakening of the adrenal function can be caused by DHEA.  In this state, the brain's nervous function is predominated by the sympathetic "Fight or Flight" function, where "Fight" = "Premature Ejaculation" and "Flight" = "Erection Withdrawal" during lovemaking.
  • An aged liver causes a low production of acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitter essential to sexual function. Low serotonin and acetylcholine can lead to uncontrollable ejaculations, while insufficient dopamine means you will receive less sexual stimulation.
What Can Help
Since male menopause is caused by hormone imbalances, the best method for treating symptoms would be to balance the necessary hormones. In order to regain stability, you will need to refrain from any type of sexual activity. That means no masturbation, no sex, not even porn. These activities release hormones to prepare the body for sex, and in your condition, your body cannot adequately ready itself for sex. Instead, you’ll need to take a break from sex. Relax. Enjoy the outdoors. Golf. Exercise. Whatever you do, keep busy and stay away from sex.
If you wish to recuperate faster, try some all-natural supplements or do-it-yourself herbal tincture. These products come infused with natural herbs that aim to balance hormone levels in the body. By taking a healthy dosage of supplements each day, your body can start to recuperate faster.

What to do

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Piper Pa's picture
Piper Pa posted on Fri, 05/24/2013 - 14:50
30 seconds? That is nothing! No wonder he is always moody. I would be moody if that's how long I lasted. He should take care of this as soon as possible because that wife of his is going to get so frustrated that she either cheats on him or she leaves him.
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