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Learn about the possibilities of low libido. Just because you're a spring chicken, does that mean a low sex drive is out of the question?

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I am 18 years old and when I have sex I am ready for it. I get wet enough and I am not dry at all. My vagina is not tight to the point where I can't have sex, it's perfect. My partner doesn't have the biggest penis in the world, don't get me wrong, it's perfectly big enough for me. I start to feel pain sometimes when we are having sex and that just puts my mood down and I no longer want to have sex at all. I feel like I no longer want him but the truth is, I do. Can you please help me fix this really weird problem I have and make me want to have sex more and make it enjoyable?


Sometimes getting, and staying in the mood for sex can be difficult. At certain points in our lives we all go through this type of reaction, some may just experience a more severe case of low libido than others. There are numerous reasons why a woman's libido could run low.
Not In The Mood
Some contributing factors include, but are not limited to; fatigue, stress, aging depression, birth control pills, prescription drugs, and poor partner performance. These issues are just a few possible factors that could have a hand at lowering a female's sex hormone levels in the body that can have a pretty significant effect on our brain chemistry.
Quick Tips
Luckily, there are some easily modified behaviors that can help to boost your libido. Light exercise that you can achieve at home for instance, increases the sex drive in women. Getting your heart rate up three to four times a week for about thirty minutes each day will also help during that time of the month when you're riding the crimson wave. The quickened breathing and increased blood circulation achieved through exercise, helps greatly to strengthen the body’s metabolism and also prompts the brain to create more sex hormones.
You may also benefit from drinking plenty of water each day. Six to eight glasses of H2O ingested daily will help to increase vaginal lubrication. Certain foods such as avocados, walnuts, and almonds will generally have the same affect. And if it comes down to using a little man made help, you should only stick to name brand lubricants that are water based and don't include a fragrance or flavor.
Fully Fix It
For women who are actually experiencing any pain during intercourse, I would definitely recommend Arginine. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Sexual Sensitivity Enhancement) Arginine is a supplement renowned for treating heart conditions and hormonal imbalances. In our normal everyday lives, we generally receive our normal intake of arginine from things like meat, dairy, and poultry. This amount of the supplement will keep us stabilized, but in order to leave a lasting footprint we must consume a concentrated dosage to have a lasting effect on our health issues.
This supplement will help with the vaginal pain specifically, that you are currently experiencing. Most likely what you are experiencing is a combination of both low libido, mixed with some minor vaginal discomfort. I am very well aware how vaginal pains can through a woman off sexually. Our minds start to focus on the pain rather than the pleasure. With the help of some minor diet modifications and the arginine supplement you should be good as new in no time at all.

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