All Stressed Out and No Way to Blow: What His Enlarged Prostate Is Doing to His Erections

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By Kate Gorrell Conditions: Men's Prostate Enlargement Weak Erection Age: 36 - 55

His doctor says he’s got an enlarged prostate. He says his erections are going, going, gone. Although he’s no longer young, he’s still interested in having sex. What can he do to restore his penis, as well as improving his erections?

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my doctor has diagnosed me with an enlarged prostate. I’ve been having weak erections for some time, and apparently I’m “at an age”. What can I do for my erections? I still want to have sex!


Wow, it’s a bit harsh to hear that you’re “at an age” both for an enlarged prostate, and for your sex life to go down the tubes! Luckily, there’s a great solution that will help your body heal and return to normal.
What is BPH?
It’s thought that the reason an enlarged prostate—or benign prostatic hyperplasia, as it’s scientifically known—causes erectile dysfunction is due a hyperactive sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for the body’s response in times of stress—the “fight or flight” action. This maneuver is conducted through neural activity ranging along the spinal cord. When the message comes—in the form of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter—norepinephrine is released, and stimulates receptors on tissues throughout the body.

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Nervous About My Nervous System
This system works great, when you need it. But when you don’t need it, which is almost all the time, it’s extremely hard on your body. Actually, for most of the time, your body is in a “rest-and-digest” stage, where the body processes can occur uninterruptedly—a result of the parasympathetic nervous system taking command. Usually, stress and anxiety trigger the action of the sympathetic nervous system, but in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia, it’s triggered for no reason at all.
Blood Blaster
That’s when the trouble starts. With the sympathetic nervous system in control, you’ll experience reduced blood flow and increased blood pressure. Just these two issues alone are enough to put the kibosh on normal erections. You need to have a good, strong supply of blood in order to achieve erection. Anything less, and you’ll end up with a feeble flagpole.
All Worn Out
With that being said, you’d think increased blood pressure would reverse the problem, right? Unfortunately not. The strain on the blood vessels themselves ends up creating issues with venous leakage and capacity. This directly affects your erection strength. Imagine your penis as a sock that’s been worn too long on a fat ankle. The elastic’s gone, it’s lost its shape, it’s can’t hold anything. You need to rejuvenate your penile tissues, and the veins and arteries of your body, as well as reducing the size of your prostate.
All In
Sound like a tall order? It’s completely manageable, with the right herbs. I highly recommend you begin an herbal supplement today, to assist your body in a number of ways. (TRY: Weak Erection Restoration Formula) The formula I’m suggesting contains Epimedium, Morinda, and Cistanche. These herbs alone will help to restore penile tissue, refresh circulation, and encourage a powerful sexual response. I’m sure you’ll soon see positive results if you give this remedy a try.

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